Monday 20 January 2014

The Cure

My friend wrote this about the Neil Young concert he was at last night.

Picture this, Neil sitting in the centre of a circle of 7 guitars and 1 banjo. All acoustic and each had a special story. To his left a grand piano, to his right a very old but beautiful piano, and behind him a gorgeous pipe organ. Neil the performer ,paced amongst his instruments, stroking them gently as he selected them one by one and walked us all through our memories of lost love, of sorrow, of revolution ,war, injustice ,protest and hope of a better life for our children. Three hours of Neil the master and he blew me a way. Wow isn't enough but that's all I can say W O W

It sounds as if it would have been a concert to remember for the rest of your life. I’ve been to a few concerts by older musicians and they are fantastic. These people have been around and entertaining people for decades. The music is timeless! I would have loved to see this concert, but you can’t do everything.

I couldn’t help notice that Mars didn’t mention the political aspect to the concert. I am sure that Neil would have mentioned the reason for the mini-tour, but like all concerts I have been to, it is about the music. Just because someone is a multi-millionaire rock star, it doesn’t mean that they don’t notice what is going on around them and have opinions about those things. Neil has always had opinions about the world around him and the politics that have impact on the world. I think that’s a big reason why he is so successful in his chosen field.

To say that Neil Young shouldn’t have an opinion would be like telling Dylan that he can write any song he wants to just so long as it isn’t a protest song. Ridiculous!
From what I understand is that the name of the tour is “Honour the Treaty Tour”. We have made a bargain with the indigenous peoples of Canada, and I would imagine that somewhere in the treaty it would be implied that we don’t poison the land or turn their home into a wasteland. The water and land is being polluted with heavy metals and our government is saying that those poisons are naturally occurring. Sure they are…
Yes, we need oil. There is no question about that. We also need to find reliable substitutes to replace this non-renewable resource. The Alberta government has stuck with big oil, giving them tax breaks and subsidizing their business for years. Maybe that is the way it needs to be done, but I have always felt that they could have taken a small fraction of the oil money and encouraged research into alternative energy sources. I don’t understand and quite probably I never will. I’m fat enough I suppose.

I am happy that Mars enjoyed the concert and I hope that he hasn’t been permanently affected by the seditious Neil Young. What’s next, feeding the poor? Fighting poverty? Ending war? Honest politicians? Finding a cure for Cancer? Maybe we can cure the big one…Stupidity!

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