Wednesday 22 January 2014



I think it has always been a crime, even back in the days of the Vikings. They were the worst! They would come to the shores of England in their ships with the shields and axes, hacking, killing, raping and generally causing all sorts of mayhem. I suppose that as long as there have been ships sailing the seas there have been criminals willing to kill to take what they had.
There was a point when during the Elizabethan era pirates were given licenses and worked for the English government. I don’t know if they had to split the take with the Queen, but it would have been a good gig. They got to be criminals without being criminals, kind of like modern day politics.

We have pirates to this day who will run down and board ships of all kinds on the oceans. I suppose the Somalian pirates are the most feared today. There is a movie with Tom Hanks that deals with that exact subject, “Captain Phillips”. I haven’t seen it and I probably won’t, but it is about pirates.

Speaking of movies, it seems that all of the DVD’s that I watch seem to think it is important to announce that PIRACY IS A CRIME! Yes it is, but what’s that got to do with me?

I have a DVD ripper program that will take that stupid warning out when I make a copy of the movie. If you’ve seen the warning once, that’s enough. No one likes pirates. Well, the ones in Peter Pan were kind of harmless. I wonder if the warning is on the Peter Pan movie. Whatever…

I live in the middle of a continent, so I don’t ever have to worry about the pirates; I guess I am just lucky.

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