Sunday 26 January 2014

First Losers

Like 44 million other people around the world I watched the Grammys tonight. I don’t know why I bother because I don’t know most of the performers and those that I do know are getting some kind of longevity award. “Oldest 70’s Rocker With More Than 50% of Their Teeth”, or “The Guy Who Sounds Most Like They Did Fifty Years Ago” aren’t awards so much as they are testaments to survival.
That being said, I did enjoy the show. It is so much more entertaining than the Academy Awards which seems to be more about the show itself than the people being honoured. To be truthful, there were more than a few songs that I have heard on the radio and actually like. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Pink and Lorde sing songs that I enjoy, but I guess I am just a big old girl.

I forget who was on stage singing when a couple of women in the front of the audience were moved to stand up and dance to the rhythm. I have never been a fan of that kind of behaviour at concerts and I sure don’t like to see it at the Grammys. I suspect that a lot of the time it is done to show off a new outfit and go “look at me…look at me!” Sit the fuck down and let the rest of us enjoy the show!

The way I see it is that when those two ho’s stood up, the five people behind them had to stand up to see and then the fifteen people behind them had to stand up and before you know it, the group onstage think they are getting a standing ovation, when in reality there is a pie shaped group of angry people who didn’t get to enjoy the performance. If you want to dance, go dancing, if you want to dance at a concert…DON’T!

To be truthful, most music is just background noise for me. Even the stuff I really like to play, I like at low volume and just above the hearing range. It’s pretty rare for me to stop what I am doing and just listen to a song. Pretty much the only times that happens is when Louise or someone else I can’t ignore, punches me in the shoulder and says “Listen to this song!”

Perhaps if I were to play music I would have more respect. I still don’t see me sitting in rapt attention while an album plays through. I have done that on occasion, with “Abbey Road” and George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”. On both occasions I was very stoned and couldn’t do much more than listen or crawl, and since listening took less effort than crawling, I listened.

The Grammy show is over, and the stars are well into their parties, grumbling about how unfair life is. Yep, seeing a millionaire that regularly gets love from thousands of adoring fans miss out on a gold plated piece of junk doesn’t make me tear up.

I would like to send condolences to the losers and congratulations to the winners. Those that weren’t nominated, well, you were the first losers. Okay, I was the first loser, but you guys come next.

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