Thursday 9 January 2014


“…all went well until Sorenson was shot in the head.”

Now, is that fair? I had decided that I would stop reading and write the blog when I got to the end of the chapter, and that’s how the chapter ended. I liked Sorenson! She was a good solid FBI agent and didn’t deserve to die for something like this.

Needless to say, I have the feeling that I will be reading past my regular bed time. It’s funny how the universe, fate or God conspire to derail your life sometimes. I generally don’t have the will power to stand up to either one of those three, but tonight I did. Maybe 2014 is the year I take charge of my life and force the world to recognize my genius. Heh, heh, heh…

I don’t think that will happen, but I suppose stranger things have happened. Even if the world did begin to worship me, I would still be that goof to all of the friends and family that I treasure. 

Arlo Guthrie has been a favourite singer/songwriter of mine for 45 years or so. He also happens to be a very together kind of guy. Of course I don’t know him and I doubt we would have a lot in common, but he seems to have lived his life in more or less the direction he hoped to go. I “friended” him on facebook (me and a few hundred thousand others), and it is interesting to read his comments.
The last comment that I read on his facebook page mentioned that “Most peoples memories of me are of a person I can't any longer recall.” My memories aren’t even of the man, but the entertainer. Well, at least I am aware that although he has shaped the person that I am in subtle ways, I have had no effect on his life. Well, perhaps by my purchasing an album or two I might have bought him a cup of coffee, and that’s something.

Well, my life has been derailed long enough; I need to find out if Sorenson is actually dead or if the shot was a glancing blow. I should have a good rest of the evening, a cup of tea and I get a front row seat to see how Jack Reacher manages to overcome the odds.

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