Friday 24 January 2014

Sorry For The Plank

I was downstairs today feeling sorry for myself. The thing about feeling sorry for yourself is that you should have something in your life that isn’t going well. Maybe I was downstairs trying to find something to feel sorry about. Who knows, I’m inscrutable sometimes.

Basically, I was sitting on the couch and taking in all of the different items that are in the room. Most of the things down there are our second rate belongings. The first rate stuff is upstairs where a rogue flood or sewage seepage can’t do any damage. There are some nice things down there, but they either take up too much room due to the size or they are in rotation. Most of it is interesting stuff, so I was enjoying myself while I was feeling sorry for myself.

The last couple of years the grandkids have pretty much taken over the space. There are toys strewn all over. I generally pick up after they leave, but sometimes it is a little over whelming. There is also exercise equipment in that room as well. I guess I should really feel sorry for it since all it does is collect dust. Kind of sad when the thing you were built to do never gets done. Maybe the elliptical can start writing its own blog.

 My eyes eventually fell upon a pine board that is leaning against the wall. It has been there for quite a while, so long in fact that I can’t even remember why it is there. I’m sure I was going to do a project and found that for what ever reason the project was a no go. It is a pretty nice board, what they call “clear” pine now. I don’t call it clear pine, but then I remember when clear meant no blemishes in the wood at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like a wood that has personality, just not one that pretends to be something it isn’t.

I’m going to either have to move the plank or find out the reason it’s down there. I do need to make a calendar holder or a door frame for the “fort” I built for Hurricane and Tornado under the stairs. THAT’S IT!!!
Now I remember! I built a secret door from the fort to the next room over and the wood was going to be used as a secret bookcase that would open and reveal the door. Louise and I have always wanted a house with secret rooms and passages. Well, it looks like I have a bookcase/door to plan and build.

Maybe I should check the internet for some plans, or I could just feel sorry for the plank

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