Wednesday 1 January 2014

A Tolerant Mom

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all! I hope that you managed to enjoy bringing the New Year in without suffering any permanent damage or having to make any embarrassing apologies. We had a quiet time as is our usual, and managed to stay awake until midnight. We did our tradition of opening both doors in the house to let the old year out and the new year in. I would have preferred to have the trade winds blow warm air in as well, but I have no complaints.

I haven’t done a blog for two days and for those two or three people who care, I do apologize. The first day I didn’t have much to say (as usual), and last night I had too many glasses of Baileys. Oops!

The other day, Maegan and I were taking Hurricane and Tornado out for Texas Donuts and bowling. Maegan was leaving the next day and wanted the nephews to remember her until the next visit I suppose. For those that don’t know, Texas donuts are about 10 inches in diameter and when Maegan was in school, they would be sold as a fundraiser. She has fond memories of regular sugar overdoses and wants the nephews to have the same memories.
 We were driving on the highway when all of a sudden the cars in front of us decided to stop. The roads were icy and we started a vehicle ballet which left us facing oncoming traffic and about 8 inches from being in a crumpled vehicle. No one had screamed, yelled or shit their pants, although I was pretty close to accomplishing all three at once. I looked back at the boys and asked if everyone was okay and they said “Yeah! Can we do that again?” I looked over at Maegan; we smiled and said “NO.”

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful, but I made sure to leave plenty of space in front of me. We decided to bowl first and eat donuts later. It was one of those black light/laser bowling alleys which I find very distracting. I haven’t bowled in probably 20 years and the reason is probably that I am not very good. I was at one time, but that was fifty years ago and those muscles have atrophied. Well, that’s my story.
The boys had no idea about bowling, and were happy to just toss the ball up in the air and hope for the best. Maegan was pretty good for someone who never bowls and although I started the game with a strike that was the last good ball I threw. I had planned to hold back and keep the score pretty even, but it quickly became apparent that there was no way I would beat Maegan and I would have to work hard to keep ahead of the boys. Tornado lost interest after five frames and Hurricane six. Maegan didn’t care, but I would have redeemed myself if I could have finished…maybe. The boys got to pee in urinals and use the forced air hand dryer to finish off the whole experience. What could be better?

Donuts of course!

Unfortunately, the bakery was out of the large donuts, but there were plenty of the smaller kind to keep everyone happy and “sugared up”.

When my kids were small, I would take them out and at some point I would tell them that they shouldn’t tell mommy about what we did. They nodded solemnly and the minute we got in the door, it was “Mommy, mommy guess what we did?” I did learn from that experience, so I figured if I didn’t tell the boys not to say anything to their mom, they just might not.  It turns out that Maegan didn’t learn anything all those years ago and she blabbed to Arwen about the near accident. Arwen had us over for dinner and when I got home I sent her a text. “Thanks for a wonderful dinner, and I’m sorry I almost killed your kids.” She replied “No Problem.”

She either doesn’t care, which I doubt, or she expects the boys to be in grave danger when they are with me. 

She is a tolerant mom.

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