Wednesday 29 January 2014

A Bunch of Monkeys

I was reading an article today that was talking about how the falling Canadian dollar is good for the economy. Well, the article was actually refuting the myth that a low value on the dollar is actually good for the country because it makes our manufactured goods more desirable (cheaper) to foreign buyers. The theory is that those manufacturers will make money and then will expand causing them to hire more employees which will make the country a vibrant and happy place, only rivaled by Disneyland.
I call BULLSHIT on that idea. I won’t even mention that most manufacturing has been outsourced to other countries. The companies that are left in the country fall all over themselves to keep costs down which means keeping a minimum number of employees. I have never bought into the concept of what’s good for the corporations is good for the country. This is all for another blog at another time.

The article I was reading had some comments by people who had read it which I found interesting. One guy said that the dollars downfall has been orchestrated by Harper, his advisors and the Bank of Canada’s president and things won’t change until we get rid of the present government. The next comment was what bothered me. That guy said that there is no other option other than the conservatives because everyone else is untried in positions of power. In effect, he was saying that we have to keep the conservatives for the rest of time. BULLSHIT again!

That idea is based on the idea that politicians actually know how to run the government at all. The newly elected get assigned to a department, generally one they know next to nothing about. The elected official is simply a mouth piece for the federal employee that actually runs the department. He tells the minister what they can and can’t do which is based on running a country, not running for re-election.
They could put a monkey in charge of the economy (some say they already have) and it would run just as smoothly as it does now. I suspect that the only time things really fuck up is when the politicos force their ideas into reality. When they stay away from parliament, the country runs just fine thank you very much.

The House of Commons sits anywhere from 90 days to about 130 days per year. That means that on the best year, there are 235 days when the government runs itself. I would imagine they would wish the politicians stayed away for the entire year. Me too.

There is very little we can do about the way the country is run, but so far they haven’t randomly selected bloggers to put in a gulag somewhere around Winnipeg, so things are okay.

I’d like to see the Canadian dollar go up in value, for holidays and big ticket items I want to buy, and also to allow Canada to have some pride in them selves. If we don’t give a value to ourselves, no one else will either. Well, in another couple of years we get to elect a new bunch of monkeys and hopefully they will think we are worth as much as our neighbours to the south. 

I sure do.

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  1. Well said Ken and I'm with you in all your all Bullshit calls! The winds of change are happening here in BC and eastern Canada, Harper's reign is coming to a end, even the veterans have had their fill! Enough already let's throw the bums out in 2015. B