Thursday 16 January 2014


I have a jeweller’s loupe that I have had for many years now. I have no use for one, but it’s nice to know that I can at any time get a real close look at pretty much anything I want to look at.

I do use it every now and then; in fact I used it the other day on an American 1979 quarter. I got it in change when I bought a coffee and it looked like it could be worth more than 25 cents. I don’t know anything about coins, but I had a good feeling about this quarter. Some quarters are worth about $3.50 due to a high silver content, but it has to be a 1964 quarter or earlier. Oh well, I didn’t plan on getting rich from a found quarter anyways.

Some coins have a value due to rarity, or sometimes there is an error in production and those “mistake” coins can really be worth something. This one however isn’t in very good shape, has nothing special about it and I’m pretty sure I would only get face value for it. I will toss it in with my other American money and use it to buy a pop or candy bar the next time I go to the states.

One thing I did notice is that the eagle on the back of the coin appears to be holding a huge dildo. I’m pretty sure that it is meant to be a rocket or a branch of some kind, but just a quick look and I get the impression …dildo. Thankfully, I do own a jewellers loupe so I can get a real close look at it and settle what it is right away.
 Washington Quarter Silver 1944S Reverse.png
Well, after a really close look, it appears to be a very large, ribbed dildo that the eagle is holding. Up at the eagles head the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum” is etched on the coin. We know of course that “E Pluribus Unum” means “Out of many, One” which probably doesn’t apply to the dildo at all. On the other side of the coin we find the phrase “In God We Trust”. I guess it means that In God we trust but everyone else we’ll screw with this huge dildo. Works for me.

The Canadian quarter is typically bland, having a caribou on one side and the Queen on the other. Neither side has any phrases etched on them and even using the jeweller’s loupe I couldn’t find a dildo. Both the Queen and the caribou do have satisfied smiles on their faces though. Maybe they met the US eagle.

Who knew that coins could be so interesting?

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