Saturday 4 May 2013

The Smell of Urine

I was watching a show tonight that we had recorded on the PVR. Generally, I like this show but tonight it did something I hate. Instead of a new show, they used a bunch of clips from previous shows and wrote them into this show, there was possibly ten or fifteen minutes of new show.
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I can appreciate that sometimes you just don’t feel like going to work, in the Post Office and a lot of other places, you just call in sick. I guess in TVland you do one of these “phone-in” shows. I can’t see how anyone can be happy with this bullshit other than the film editors, or perhaps the producers who have no need to pay a writer for the week. The actors, directors, stage hands and everyone else involved in the shows production must feel cheated. Oh, don’t forget the viewers and indirectly the advertisers. Okay, I don’t really care about the advertisers, but I was trying to be fair.

Like I said, I do like the show and I don’t personally mind the multiple clip flashback technique. It is kind of like seeing the best of all of those shows that I know and love. The one series of flashbacks that made me uncomfortable were the kissing flashbacks. I’m not a prude, well, I don’t think so anyways, but the kissing seems to be so forced. You would think that those two people would be comfortable kissing each other. I’ve noticed this on other shows as well, well, pretty much all the movies and shows where there is kissing. I am embarrassed for them.
However, when you give it some thought you can understand the uncomfortable looking kissing scenes. There are a lot of people who I have worked pretty closely with over the years and I wouldn’t be comfortable kissing them…EVER! You know who you are Brian. Even good looking female co-workers I would be uncomfortable kissing with thirty or forty people looking on. Not to mention when my wife saw the show and said “It looks like you were having a good time.”

“No honey, it was just work.”

“So you didn’t enjoy kissing one of the best looking women in the world?” Now at this point the right answer would be “I am married to the best looking woman in the world.”, but no doubt I would say “Oh, sure, but it’s just a job.” Thank God I’m not rich and famous.

Most of the time, I suppose that you would have to kiss someone that you don’t like ‘in that way’. Let’s not forget the twenty something actress that has to pretend to be in love with a seventy year old Sean Connery. The kissing would be alright, but the smell of urine would be a turn off.
Well, it would be for me.


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