Friday 17 May 2013

Dream of Good Clouds

I don’t know why I am surprised when a politician is caught doing something that they shouldn’t be doing, but I always am. Right now there is a Conservative Senator that is involved in a financial scandal. This particular guy was a political reporter for years and I can remember him commentating on the same kind of scandals that he is now involved in.
I remember thinking that although I don’t agree with his political leanings I felt that he was a straight shooter and was genuinely concerned with good government. This was twenty years ago, but an honest man tends to stay and honest man. I can’t imagine what it was that happened to change this guy. Come to think of it, what happens to all of these politicians when they get in power?

I am sure that most of them start out their careers with the intention of making life better for their constituents and to turn some of their pet projects into reality. I’ve heard that they have to make deals to get those projects done and by doing so they end up owing favours to the people that supported them. Perhaps it is that they end up in debt to supporters who contribute heavily to their campaigns. Maybe they work so hard that they feel entitled to some perks and over the years that entitlement just continues to grow. What ever the reason is, you would think they would know better.

In this day and age, it is almost impossible to get away with anything. Everyone has a camera and there is always someone watching and waiting for you to make a mistake. Mistakes sell papers and build up television ratings. We all love a good scandal, don’t we? The only thing I can think of is that at some point in the climb up the ladder to power there must be a level where you become convinced that anything you do is right. I can’t imagine just where that point would be for me.
I guess the answer is “How high is up?” I’d like to say that graft and corruption is limited to the Conservatives, but I know that the Liberals have had their hands caught in the cookie jar and if the NDP ever gets into power, they will more than likely get the same kind of greed disease. It isn’t limited to Canada of course and I suspect that compared to other countries our thieves are choir boys in comparison. That is scary!

It’s depressing to think about these guys so today I spent some quality time looking at the clouds. There were some light and fluffy clouds, and as the day wore on the clouds darkened and filled more of the sky. I guess in a way the clouds aren’t much different from our politicians. They start out as something with great hope and the best of intentions, but as they get together they darken and eventually block out all of the light.
Nope, I can’t stop thinking about the bastards, so I had best go find some mind numbing fluff on the TV and watch until I pass out.

Have a good night and dream of good clouds.

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