Friday 3 May 2013

A Little Odd

There were a couple of odd things that happened in my world today. I had to go out this morning and on the drive back I saw a six car pile up. Normally, you see this kind of accident on a major highway but today it was on a road that has a top speed of sixty KPH. I know that accidents happen almost everywhere, but this one had me stumped.
It was on a clear stretch of two lane road, no where near a crosswalk or intersection and the conditions were clear and dry. Yes, the guy in the first car might have been one of those guys that brake for hallucinations, which happens. I understand car number two was following too close and learned his lesson the hard way. Car number three may have been in the same boat as car number two, but four, five and six would have to be idiots. I know that is also more than likely, but not probable. Why didn’t any of these cars veer into the other lane to avoid a crash?

The accident wasn’t just a bunch of minor fender benders, but there was some serious damage. When I passed, there was an ambulance loading someone and another one was coming. There was a fire truck and two cop cars that had shut down the two west bound lanes. I will never find out what happened and it will drive me nuts. I’ll have to make up a scenario that involves the first person on acid braking for some terrifying monster and five cars that were following him driven by sheep. We all know that sheep are terrible drivers; it’s the hooves I think.
The second odd thing is that the neighbour had a tree cutting company over this afternoon. It isn’t really that odd because her trees need to be taken down almost as badly as mine do. The company was called Pro-Trim and pulled up with a big crane truck, a dump truck pulling one of those branch eating things, two pick up trucks, a van and another car. The van and the car just parked across the street and the two women inside sat in the front seat of the car drinking iced coffees. They did nothing for the entire time. The two pick up trucks would drive away and then come back a few minutes later, drive away and come back, drive away, come back…  The guys that stayed would work for a few minutes and then sweep up the area, work for a few minutes and then sweep up the area… the only time I saw everyone moving at the same time was when the ice cream truck came by.

This company took about four hours and it turns out they were shaping the trees not cutting them down. Now I have a couple of trees on the property beside me that look like one of those fru-fru poodles. I guess that isn’t that odd either, not everyone has my impeccable taste in trees.

The odd thing is that for some reason the big crane truck is parked in the back yard of the house. I suppose it is possible that there is more work to be done tomorrow, but I doubt it. That is the house that “Bob the Asshole” lived in, but his wife tossed his ass out almost a year ago. Maybe she is sleeping with the different trades to get the house ready for sale. Not a bad idea really. Maybe it isn’t that odd after all.

Come to think of it, I need some work done by an arbour care specialist myself… That’s a little odd.

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