Saturday 25 May 2013


Over the past few decades, I have been struggling with the notion of equality. Not just mine, but just where everyone else fits in.

To begin with, I do believe in the premise that everyone is created equal. I guess that I should say that everyone has the potential when they are born to be equal. Do I think that everyone is equal? In a word NO.
I know that there are people that are actually making a big difference in the world. They create many beautiful things or make music that makes you cry for joy. Some have made inventions that change the way that we communicate and live our lives. One woman has written a series of books that caused a whole generation of children to read. There are giving people in every city that spend their time and money trying to help the down and out. Throughout the world there are people willing to sacrifice their comfort in order to benefit others.

These are superior people!

We all have the potential for greatness, but get caught up in the day to day of living. It isn’t as if we don’t want to help others or write a best selling book, invent the perpetual motion machine or inspire a generation to make a difference. Most of us just don’t have that drive and determination to persevere when times get tough. We would do amazing things if only…

I am not saying that we can’t make a difference on a local level; in fact that is what we should work towards. The ripples that spread from our lives generally doesn’t go farther than those we love, and that is just fine. Perhaps the impact that we create won’t be felt for a generation or two. Maybe Hurricane or Tornado will have a child that is one of those more equal people and lead the human race into space. I suppose that it is possible that one of those people will be inspired by something he once read on the internet, a nonsense blog that just touched him or her. You never know.

I’m not the person I would like to be, but I am the person that I am. I have to live with that and it is something I have found to be comforting. Could I be a better person? You bet! Will I be a better person? Probably not. I am not much different than Popeye, “I am what I am, and that’s all that I am!”

We all have equal potential, but we don’t have the same kind of influences that create the drive to excel. Perhaps a loved one died of a disease that makes a son go into medicine and discover the cure. Someone sees people in his country die of starvation, and grows up to solve the farming problems his country has. Thankfully there are those damaged people who feel the need to excel and make the world a better place.

I’m happy to try and make those around me happy…ish. I am equal to me, and ultimately that’s all anyone can do.

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