Saturday, 11 May 2013


I had a dream about my son last night. I suppose I dreamt about him because I will be helping him finish off some of the remaining details on his garage today. It should only take about four hours or so with my help, but I imagine without my help he would be done in about two. It’s nice that he keeps me in the game and I like to pass on some of the knowledge that I have gain from a lifetime of living. Things like “Never trust a Dalmatian sleeping on a step or even a Collie for that matter.” I’m not sure just how this will come in handy today building the garage, but you would do well to keep it in mind.

When I walked up to his house, I saw him towelling off his head in the basement. I asked his lovely wife Tara if Brendan had slept in and she just laughed. “No, somehow he managed to dump a bunch of chemicals all over himself. What a goof!” Women tend to take this attitude once they have ascertained that their man is alright and there was no permanent damage. The concern comes first and then the ridicule.

Now, a man would have seen the other possibilities. We all know from reading comic books that a bath in a chemical soup will turn you into either a super hero or I suppose if they are bad chemicals, a super villain.

What I am having trouble with is just where he was storing all of these chemicals that they would be able to shower him by accident. Why would he have all of these toxic chemicals just hanging around the house? What was he doing with these chemicals in the first place and why did he start working without me?

He came out of the house and made as if he were going to hug me. I back pedaled and held my hands in front of me saying “One evil genius in the family is quite enough thank you very much. Just keep your hands to yourself!” He looked at me like I was an idiot, but that was probably because he hadn’t read as many comic books as I have in my life. He shrugged and offered me a coffee. “Only if Tara makes it” I said.

I can’t blame him, but I will be watching him for any tell tale signs of him either planning to take over the world or making a device that will destroy a city or two. It’s funny how I just automatically went to him being an evil super villain and completely forgot that he could just as easily develop super powers. I’ll keep an eye out for that too.

Having a super hero in the family would be pretty handy. Arwen and her husband are putting in a fence this year and having a super Brendan would mean no more digging post holes for the fence, we can just get Brendan to push the posts in. In the past few years I have become uncomfortable hanging over the edge of the roof cleaning out the eaves trough, but now I can just get Brendan to do it with his super breath. I have a lump of coal hanging around here that I got in my stocking one year for Christmas, and a super Brendan could use his powers to turn it into a diamond.

Well, I just arrived home from spending the day working on the garage, and I don’t know if “dream” Brendan is good or evil, but the real Brendan cracked the whip like a mean Simon Legree. He did feed me though, so he can’t be all bad… 

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