Sunday 21 April 2013

Toenails and Beer

I was watching the Juno Awards off and on tonight. In fact, I think it is still on right now and I have opted to write the blog instead which says a lot about how interested I am in the show.

For those who don’t know, and that would be about 5,960,000,000 of you, the Junos are the Canadian Music awards. It’s a pretty big deal if you are a Canadian musician. Where else would they go to get applause and accolades from adoring fans? Oh yeah…their job! It is generally those at the top of their particular field that get the awards and those are precisely the ones that don’t need it. The awards should go to the guys and girls that have been providing us music all of their lives, just for the love of music. Yes, the top performers love music too, but it is easy to love something that pays your mortgage and keeps you in a rich man’s lifestyle.

I got side tracked. The point I was trying to make is that I just don’t know any of the people who were performing or presenting. Okay, I do know a few but so few that I was embarrassed on my behalf. I tend to listen to the music that I have loved for most of my life and my taste in music was set in the mid sixties to the mid seventies. There is enough great music that was made during that time period to keep anyone happy for the rest of his life. Sure there has been really good music made since then and I try to keep up in my own way. No I don’t.

I listen to a top pop station most of the time and it serves wonderfully as background music for me when I drive or when I am puttering around the house. Sometimes I do hear new songs that I like and I will add them to my iTunes and they will get played in rotation. I wish that I could play my iTunes on other speakers throughout the house rather than just the computer. I keep meaning to check out how that can be done, but my attention span is pathetic.

I listen to Christmas music for about two months of the year. I find that I just don’t get sick of the holiday music and each year there are more and more entertaining songs coming out. I guess that the artists are realizing that every city in North America has at least one station that plays holiday music for two months each year and if they write and perform one good song it will get airplay for the next twenty years and make them a good income.

It is kind of funny when you think that for all of the records that Madonna has made and the barriers she has broken musically, in fifty years she will only be known for her rendition of “Santa Baby”. Oh, and her estate will still be making millions in royalty payments. Maybe I should try and write just one killer holiday song. Maybe a killer holiday story. Yeah…that’s it; remember you heard it here first.

On a totally different tact, last night I couldn’t sleep. That is odd for me because…well…I usually sleep. There isn’t a lot to do at 3:16 AM so I was looking in the junk drawer to see what kind of junk there was in there. It was pretty much the same kind of junk that everyone has in their junk drawer, except for those crazy neat freaks and the whack-a-doodle hoarders. The one thing that stood out was an over sized pair of nail clippers. They have some kind of palm tree on them and I suppose we got them from the island of “Whothefuckknows”. The weird thing about them was that instead of having a crappy nail file attached, this thing had a bottle opener. I will admit that a bottle opener would be more useful than the crappy nail file, but I can’t wrap my head around a situation when I would be cutting my toenails and need to open a beer bottle before I finished. Maybe I am different than most people and toenails and beer go together like peas and carrots. Maybe…

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