Saturday 13 April 2013

One Pair of Socks

Well, this is our last full day in paradise, and it has for the most part been a lazy day.

We began the day with a walk down the beach, followed that with a trip into town to see what the Swap Meet had of interest, drove back for lunch at a local place and had our last shave ice for the foreseeable future. I swam in the ocean and dried off in the wind and the sun as we are meant to do. I came in because even after nearly two weeks I am still afraid of getting a painful burn.

I have always been very cautious about getting sun burned. Not so much for the burn itself, but mainly because of that one time I got a bad...ish sunburn on my shoulders and then had to work the next day. Carrying a bag of mail with the strap rubbing back and forth on your new sunburn is one of the seven levels of Hell. Never again, I vowed and for the most part I have stayed out of the burning sun. It helped that I lived in Alberta and the sun is a reluctant visitor at best.

I guess tonight is packing and trying to decide who gets to carry what so that we can balance the bags at under 50 pounds. It's funny how you spend an inordinate amount of time packing just so, when preparing for a trip, but coming home it is more just cram and jam that is the order of the day. I think after I write this I will go and make a list of the stuff that I brought that didn't leave the drawer since I arrived.

For some reason, I think I brought about six pair of socks. That is five pair too many. There are several pair of underwear, but you can never have too much underwear, you might have to go to the hospital after all. I brought some carving knives, but I didn't have the urge to carve at all. I might bring them the next time, but I will have to give it some serious thought. I always bring an assortment of pencils and paper in case I want to do some sketching while I am here. You never know when artistic talent will manifest itself. I believe that for some reason one day I will wake up and be able to sketch things like waves, people, landscapes and caricatures portraits. I might turn out to be an idiot savant, I have the idiot part down pat.

This is my second time to Hawaii and the second time that I brought a jacket. Both times I knew before hand there was no way that I would need one. The last time I even bought a second fleece lined jacket here, I guess it was one of those belt and suspender kind of things. I brought just the right amount of shorts and bathing suits. I would bring fewer t-shirts and buy the rest here the next time

Speaking of next times, the next time I will bring far less fat on my body and far more muscle. No, really! You have no idea how difficult it is to hold your stomach in for two weeks straight. I don't do it to attract good looking younger women or good looking older women for that matter. That ship set sail and was lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle many, many years ago. No, I hold in my stomach so that I don't have to hear the giggles and laughter as I pass. Lucky for me my hearing seems to be less acute than it was in the past. I wonder if that is one of those evolutionary protection things?
I see that Calgary received another dump of snow today. FUCK! Now, one pair of socks or two...

My son wrote this clever article. Check it out.

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