Sunday 28 April 2013


Sometimes I just don’t want to write this blog. I understand that sometimes you don’t want to read this blog and if the stars were to align then we would both be happy. However, if you want to read a blog and I haven’t written one then you my friend are in a pickle. If you don’t want to read a blog and I have written one then I am in a pickle. If neither of us wants to write or read a blog, does the tree make a sound? I don’t know!

I have some blogs that I have started and not finished and some blog ideas that I can go to when I am in a pinch. The problem is that these ideas weren’t used for a reason. Mainly because I couldn’t take them any further or they were just plain stupid. You can imagine how dumb they must have been if I didn’t use them. Tonight I went to the blogs that need revision list and I found one that wasn’t too bad. Lucky me!

I was going through it trying to find out why it was on the “bad” list, correcting spelling and generally bringing it into line with the high quality you are used to. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I am sure there are multiple things wrong with it, but I have set the bar pretty low and this wasn’t even close. Something is wrong.

I did a search of the computer and only found the entry I had been working on. I’m gold! The trouble is, I remembered writing this particular piece, not word for word but enough to know that I would have used it. Long story short, I did use it and now I am back to square one. SHIT!

I did learn that I need to improve my filing system and not wait until it is too late to want to write the blog. The system will probably stay the way it is, but I think I can write earlier in the day. This isn’t your problem though. Your problem is how to avoid reading this when you don’t really want to.

I’m not going to help you, because I like to see the stats of how many poor misguided souls find their way onto the blog. I will give a warning in the title tough so that you can avoid tonight’s entry.

Better luck tomorrow!

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