Friday, 12 April 2013

Heavily Medicated

Our new laptop crapped out on us last night. It isn't the end of the world, because against my wishes Louise bought the extended warranty. Yea Louise!!!!

I don't know why it stopped working and I haven't been able to figure out why it isn't working, but when I Google the symptoms the phrase "Blue Screen of Death" keep coming up. Even I know that can't be good. I am sure I will take it in and the pimple faced kid will touch two buttons and it will be back to normal. Let's hope so.

I was kind of upset when it happened, but it did wait till almost the end of the vacation and we do have a back up. All in all, only having one computer in Maui isn't the end of the world, close, but we will survive.

I come from a long line of sea faring folk. I can trace my ancestors back over three hundred years. Like that other famous Harrison, my family settled in Liverpool during the late seventeen hundreds. There are entries in the family bible about relatives that spent the better part of their lives on the sea. I will grant you that their lives weren't very long for the most part, but it was on and around the sea.

My grandmother was born in Newfoundland, one of eight children of the Harbourmaster in Fogo. I would imagine that that side of the family were fishermen. It's a pretty easy assumption because there really isn't much else to do in Newfoundland, at least there wasn't at the turn of the century. I, or someone veery much like me might have been born and grown up in Newfoundland if it weren't for great grandad being killed in some kind of horrific dock related accident. Two weeks after the accident his wife (great grandma) and the eight kids were turfed out of their home because that was the Harbourmasters house. No union protection back then.

They moved to Toronto and made a life for themselves there. from what I understand, that is pretty much the last contact that my family has had with the sea. Well, we did go to Florida on vacation when I was a teenager and aside from a couple of trips to BC, California and Hawaii I and the rest of my family are land based. That is just fine with me. The land will rarely undulate and although I have heard it is technically possible, no one drowns on land.

Today I went out to see some whales. It was a biggish boat as far as boats go, but the ocean is much bigger. The sea was the calmest that it has been for a while we were told  and although it is the end of whale season, there should be lots of whales to see. There were, and they were and are impressive. There was one point where about ten males were fighting over one of the females. Typical woman, she couldn't make up her mind! I think I took some good pictures, but until they are down loaded it will be hard to tell. Fingers crossed.

One thing I did find out was that my stomach and the sea don't get along very well. I kept everything in, but I really couldn't get off of the sea soon enough. I have that Harrison from the past that first told his parents that "There is no fucking way I am getting on another boat!" I might get on another boat some day, but I will be heavily medicated and it will stay close to the shore.

Speaking of heavily medicated, Louise and I are going to see James Taylor tonight. The last time that I saw him in the 70's I know that I was heavily medicated and I suspect that he was too. It should be fun for both of us to be relatively normal...

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