Tuesday, 16 April 2013


You know, I have always loved looking at clouds. When I was a kid I would lay on my back just looking up watching the clouds sailing through the pale blue sky. Sometimes I would just watch them float across the sky, sometimes I would watch them slowly change shape and still other times I would see what kind of images they make.

One of my favourite cartoons was by Johnny Hart and it featured BC on the top of the mountain in the first panel. In the second panel, BC jumped from the mountain onto a small cloud that was floating by. The third panel had BC laying in a heap at the bottom of the mountain and the caption read “So much for the sport of cloud riding!” I tried to find it, but no luck. Who hasn’t wanted to ride a cloud? You could look down upon an ever changing earth far above the trials and tribulations of life. It would be the perfect way to travel. Getting on and off would be a challenge as BC found out, but once you mastered that, life would be heavenly.
We dropped by for a quick visit with Hurricane and Tornado tonight because they have a pretty busy week ahead and this was a good time to squeeze in a visit with Grandma and Poppa. I missed those two when I was away on vacation and could only think of the fun that we would have had making sand castles and trying to avoid the waves when we walked down the beach together. On the way home, I couldn’t help but watch the clouds. I probably should have been paying attention to driving, but we made it home safely and I stayed more or less within the lines.

One of the clouds looked like a guy doing push ups and another one appeared to have passed out from doing sit ups. I think the heavens themselves are trying to talk to me. When I was in Hawaii I couldn’t help but notice myself in the mirror and Louise took one or two pictures of me in my bathing suit. Yes, I am definitely fat. I have gone past being a healthy eater, eased by robust, eaten through husky and now I am just this side of morbidly obese. Clothing that was once big for me are now a little tight and things that at one time hung on me like a parachute are comfortable. It seems that the clouds are mocking me.

I decided while I was on vacation that I would begin to eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. I need to lose about fifty pounds and I would like to accomplish this by the end of the summer or late fall. That way I will have plenty of wiggle room for those Christmas cookies. I started today. Well, I would have but I was pretty tired and just lounged around for the most part, and when you lounge around you need to snack. Right?

I will start tomorrow, and before you know it I will disappear when I turn sideways. You know, another solution would be to ban any further photos of me and I could rid the house of all mirrors.

Tell you what; I’ll let you know what I decide. I might just start to let clouds make all of my decisions in the future. I’ll let you know how that works out too.

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