Saturday 6 April 2013

Taking It Slow

2013 Paddlers Open Flyer
Just spent a good deal of the morning watching The Kihei 2013 Paddlers Open outrigger canoe races. Watching the racing isn't as much fun as you might think, unless you think it isn't that much fun. I really enjoy the beginnings and the endings, but in between there is either elation when your team is winning or desolation when they are losing.

I guess part of my problem is that I don’t really have a team, I just cheer for the team that Louise is on. There is a lot of waiting in between races,and this being Hawaii, the sun is bearing down on my poor little Canadian head for hours at a time. Sure I can wet my feet or even take a dip, but the fact remains that I am standing there waiting for a race to start or finish. I want to say right here that for anyone that is participating and probably for those who do paddle, then this is probably a lot of fun.

Go Louise!!!!!!
One thing I have noticed while here is that everything seems to be done slowly. I imagine that has something to do with the heat, but it seems endemic of the whole culture. Well, when they aren't paddling or surfing of course. People saunter up and down the beach all day long as if they have no where to go. To be fair, they probably don't have anywhere to go. The waves just take their sweet time getting to the shore, unless you have your back turned and don't want to get your shorts and camera wet.
The big thing over here is the Luau (?) which is slow cooking for several thousand. Nothing like having a dinner party with a couple of thousand of your closest friends. We have been in restaurants where there is a sign to sit yourself and eventually the waitress will wander over for a chat. It is more of an after thought when she takes your order. You have plenty of time to visit with your dinner companions and to examine the decor before the meal comes. They are pretty quick to bring the bill, but that is all cool.

I've noticed that the birds don't even fly very much. They are much more active that the lazy birds on Oahu, but that isn't saying very much. I don't know what they do all day, but for the most part they stay hidden and every now and then you will here a peep. The roosters can be assholes though. Those little pricks are up before dawn and lucky thing too because if it were light the luau's would be all about slow cooked chicken. The odd thing is that I have yet to see a seagull. I thought that this being an island they would be all over this place like ugly on a pig. We have more gulls in Calgary where ever there is a puddle or just the chance that someone will drop food.

There are a few things that are fast however. It is amazing just how quickly a cold drink will either disappear or get warm. The ocean can cool you down in seconds and within seconds of leaving the ocean you need to be cooled down again. The sun can turn white or even semi tanned flesh to bright pink and red before you can say Aloa Vera.

Taking it slow is a good thing when you are on vacation, and I don't think I would want it any other way.

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