Saturday, 1 September 2012

Beauty Rest

It was kind of a weird day today. My friend’s daughter came to town to play in a baseball tournament and I went to watch the game. I am not really much of a baseball fan, or much of a sports fan at all but I am a fan of people. I guess that the core of Alisha’s team has been together for about ten years and they are still having fun together. They take the game just seriously enough to be competitive and not seriously enough to be mean about it. It was kind of refreshing from my point of view. There was a woman in the stands that was pissed off about the choice of pitcher and went on to complain about the umpire. I would have told her to lighten up it is only a game and a slo-pitch game at that, except there was a very good chance she would have hit me.

I sat there watching the game not really giving a shit about who caught what ball or who hit a double, but I was fascinated by how these people are so much like the people in other sports and activities. They laugh and get serious when the situation calls for it; they know each others strengths and weaknesses and accept them. I have seen the same thing in bowling leagues, dragon boating, outrigger paddling, hockey, scouting and probably every other activity where people have to work together. Perhaps that is what makes us human or keeps us human. I kind of miss having that kind of interaction, but I tend to be solitary and I can watch others and I enjoy that.

We dropped in to see Hurricane and Tornado for a half hour or so after the game. They were still in jammies and having a lazy Saturday morning. I remember those wonderful times and it was nice getting a hug and a cuddle or two just for being there. Louise and I left and went to a new Swiss Chalet for lunch. The food was good but we were one of three couples in the place. This location used to house a Boston Pizza before it became Swiss Chalet and I am beginning to think the place is cursed. I hope they make a go of it, but I bet it will be closed the next time I decide I want some BBQ chicken.

I decided to carve three apples and post pictures each day for a month on facebook to follow the progress of them turning into shrivelled shadows of themselves. I have done a couple of these things and it is pretty weird how they morph into something totally different than you planned. I can remember a time when these were pretty popular, with people making dolls out of them. They always were really creepy and I am sure that more than a few little kids had nightmares about their new doll. It should be an interesting month.

I also made a belt today just to see if I could. It is a pretty strange colour, kind of orange…ish, but I can always dye it if I want. It turned out pretty good (for a first attempt) and since I have some largish pieces of leather, I will try my hand at making a few more. I have been wearing belts that I wore at the post office. They are well made the right size and strangely enough they are a colour that I like. I have more than a few of these and since belts don’t really wear out I will probably die with these same belts. That is unless I happen to put on more weight of course. Shit. I hope not!

Well, time for my beauty rest.

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