Tuesday 4 September 2012

Why a Duck

Isn’t the internet a wonderful time waster?

I just spent twenty minutes reading funny cartoons when I should have been writing this. I don’t feel guilty or bad at all, I feel pretty entertained. I just love the way that you can go from one site to the next to the next to the next etc. I spent a part of this morning looking at cheap electronics that I could order from China. This afternoon, I did some research on a vintage Christmas tree stand I picked up at the thrift store.
I guess I could have spent time going through encyclopaedias in days of yore, and I actually did, but it isn’t as quick and not as much fun. With the internet you have to just type “primus” and you get 50,100,000 hits in .21 seconds. That is pretty impressive. Not as impressive as it is when you type “sex” and get 3,350,000,000 hits in .19 seconds. To be fair, more people are looking for “sex” than are looking for “primus”. Most people don’t like backpacking stoves as much as I do I suppose.

I read somewhere that no matter what problem you are having, if you take a largish book like the Bible or an encyclopaedia, open it randomly and start to read, before very long you will come upon a solution to your problem. If you happen to think of the question “Why am I such a fuck up?” hopefully the first word that you read won’t be “because”. Maybe I should try this right now. I am going to think “why can’t I seem to write this blog earlier in the day?” I just found another drawback to digital books. It is really hard to open them at random. The book I picked is “Why a Duck?” by Richard J. Anobile. It is a book of Marx brothers quotes from their movies and life. Here goes.
 Why a Duck?
“Now, what is it that has four pair of pants, lives in Philadelphia, and it never rains but it pours?” Perhaps a Marx Brothers book might not be the best book to use to demonstrate this idea. I could probably do something with the never rains but it pours quote, but the rest of it is just so much drivel. Kind of like the blog most nights.

You know, I haven’t looked at this book in years. Perhaps instead of surfing the web tonight I just might surf the pages of this book. It takes a little longer and you are kind of stuck to the one thing, but that can be good too. I think it’s called browsing…  

I just googled “Why a Duck” and came up with this cool site. I’m book marking this for sure.

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  1. I bought that book over 30 years ago, funny then and still funny. B