Friday 7 September 2012


Our Premier announced this week that as of Oct 1 of this year, Alberta will have the toughest and most transparent rules about expenses in Canada. Politicians, their staff and the senior civil servants will be required to disclose all of their travel and meal expenses on line every two months. They went on to say just what could and could not go on the expense account. Alcohol is out as are first class flights.

The Premier went on to say that it is important to put a policy in place that holds people to a higher standard and she expects that institutions that are funded by the province should be held to these same rules. That is certainly a step in the right direction…right?

What the Premier didn’t say but certainly implied is that the elected members of the legislature, their assistants and the highest level of the civil service are a bunch of untrustworthy thieves that have been feeding at the public trough for years and years. This isn’t something that needs to be legislated, it is common sense. You don’t spend $2000 dollars for lunch on the taxpayer’s dime. You don’t fly yourself and your family on vacation at the taxpayer’s expense.

The Premier defended her $267,000 travel expenses saying that she needed to travel to protect Alberta’s markets. What a load of unmitigated bullshit! Is there anyone that actually thinks the Premier of Alberta is sitting down at a table with some shrewd Chinese businessman and haggling over the price we will get for our oil? She and the other ministers that travel with her are doing so for a photo opp. I am sure they will shake hands and sign some papers on a deal that some mid level politicos from both sides worked out months before.

What gets me is that we eat this shit that is spoon fed to us year after year after year. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a politician just say that they think they deserve some perks and if you think it is so easy, then why the fuck don’t you run for office?

I hope that this actually works, but I doubt it. People don’t spend $2,000,000 to get a job that will pay them $211,000 a year for three years. That just isn’t human nature. I guess that they might feel that it is their civic duty to give the province the best leadership possible whether they lose money or not.


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