Wednesday 19 September 2012

Five Bucks on the Wrecking Machine

My buddy and I made our semi regular trip to the scrap metal recycler today. We don’t go very often, just when we have accumulated a fairly large amount of metal. I know, you are thinking “Just how much metal can you accumulate?” Well, as it turns out, today it was about 860 pounds which magically turned into $24.60.

Most of that was Ken’s, but I had a few pounds to contribute and you just never know, the next trip I may have a lot of metal. Ken’s neighbours give him metal that they don’t really know what to do with. Nice of them to drop off their junk don’t you think?

The reason we go to the Metal recycling place is that instead of charging us to drop the stuff off, we make money. Once we took the metal to the dump, knowing that they had a bin where you could put metal. We thought that dropping off the metal was free since the city just takes it to the scrappers anyways and gets paid for it. Not so, they charged us a ton because we had almost a ton. That was the last time we went there.

Normally a trip goes pretty smoothly, in and out in about ten minutes and then the coffee is on them. Today, they opened a different gate and when we got in, there was a line up. The way it works is that you drive on to a large scale, get weighed and then you are told where to go to off load the metal. Once you have off loaded the metal, you drive around the yard and back to the scales and get weighed empty. Then you go park the vehicle and go inside where you are given money. It took us about an hour and a half! They were slammed! WTF! How does a junk yard get busy?

The guys ahead of us were morons and seemed to take forever. I still can’t figure out what the problem was. I would have said something, but being a coward, more or less, I held my tongue and just baked in the front of the truck. The good thing is that we were in a junk yard and they have the neatest vehicles. They had the magnetic crane which would pick up a shit pile of metal from one pile and swing it over to drop it on another pile. It made no sense really, but it looked like a lot of fun. They had regular huge cranes as well and I saw them pick up a car just like in the movies. It was cool too. They had massive bull dozers which would push a pile of scrap around the yard. At one point, the crane picked up this huge… well, it looked like a brillo pad and used it to sweep the ground. I don’t think anyone really knew what they were doing, other than having a real fun time.

The people employed there more than likely think of what they do as a job, but I would willingly pay to have a chance to work one of those cranes or drive a bull dozer. That is the kind of shit I have on my bucket list, not climbing some big ass mountain or wrestling an angry alligator. I have to figure out a way to take Hurricane and Tornado there sometime pretty soon. There eyes would bug out and not go back in for months. I am pretty sure their mom would okay the trip. Pretty sure…

They should install a viewing stand. I would go and watch just as I am sure other old farts would. We could heckle the angry truck drivers. If they wore uniforms we could cheer on our favourite team, since there won’t be any hockey this year, watching a scrap yard might just be the new spectator sport.

I’ve got five bucks on the “Wrecking Machine” 

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