Monday 10 September 2012

Never Go To Supper With A Giant

We were lucky enough to be able to look after Hurricane and Tornado tonight. They came over for supper and hung around until mom and dad came to get them.

When the boys got here they spilled the beans about how mom gave them Tim Bits before they came over. I think it was a form of payback for all of the times that I have loaded them up on sugar and sent them home for supper. Sure they were a little wired when they got here, but I just kind of expect a little uncontrolled nuttiness when the grand kids are visiting. They can pretty much do what they want around here and I will just smile and try to see how high they can jump on the bed. Arwen has a ways to go before she can spoil the kids “Poppa” style.

We had spaghetti and meat balls which is a perennial favourite, after all, who doesn’t like meatballs. It was and is a little messy, but that is why God invented soap and water. Hurricane left the table and told me in no uncertain terms that he was so full that he couldn’t eat another bite and his little shadow Tornado just nodded his head. I asked if he were sure and of course he said that he was. I told him that I couldn’t believe that he didn’t want any ice cream. Well, you have never seen a kid back pedal as fast as he did and before you could say “vanilla” he was in his chair. Those boys sure like their ice cream.
They had brought a movie over to watch after dinner, "The Lorax". I had never seen it so I was thrilled at the prospect. Hurricane has watched it so often that he will spontaneously stand and deliver monologues from the movie. Tornado has never really shown any real interest in the TV or movies at all, preferring to find something that needs to be taken apart and have those parts hidden. Surprisingly, he will watch “The Lorax” with rapt attention. He didn’t want to sit with Poppa (which kind of hurt) preferring instead to sit on his own holding his blanket.

They didn’t sit for as long as I had hoped, but that was cool. Eventually, it was time to go to bed. Hurricane knew that he wasn’t having a sleep over, but at his stage, Tornado wasn’t sure what was going on. I read them “To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street” and Louise lay in the dark with them until they drifted off. It is possible I suppose that Louise “drifted” them off to sleep. Either way, it became quiet in the house again.

An hour or so later mom and dad came to pick the boys up. I marvel at the way kids can sleep through being man handled into their coats and slung under an arm to get them to the car. I have been that tired and if there were giants in the world I would love to see if they could carry me to a car that way. Mind you, you have to be suspicious of a giant’s motive. They are known for eating humans, so the chances of them just taking you for a ride are slim to none. Never go to supper with a giant!

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