Saturday 29 September 2012

See You On The Other Side

I was just thinking about recess and what a great idea it is. I really miss recess now that I am an adult. It was always the best part of the school day, and I am sure that it would be the best part of an adult’s day too.

When I was in grade school I thought that recess was there in order to give the kids a break from all of that insane reading, writing and arithmetic stuff. Really, how much can a kid’s brain soak up at one sitting? It turns out that recess was there for the teachers to have a coffee and a smoke. They would more than likely bitch about how the kids they had had zero interest in learning and why should they bother to waste their time. They would catch up on their co-workers private lives and talk about work.

I always assume that every one is just like me and they talk about work when they are at work. I suppose that they could talk about other things, but I can’t imagine that a conversation would go on very long without getting back to the job.

I   can still feel the rush when that bell rang and we all tried to be the first out into the school yard. The teacher would make us line up or leave row by row, either way it was torture. Sometimes if the teacher was pissed off with you she would make you stand at the door and watch every other class leave. When you finally got to the playground, it was just too damned late! There was no sense going to the swings, because there were already too many people there. All of the best spots to stand would have been taken. Even your best friend would be playing with other guys. All that was left for you to do is to watch all o the other kids play. Gee, that sounds sad.

Recess gave you a chance to run and jump, play football or hockey, chase the fat kid (there was only one) all around the school yard, and my favourite, "Closies" You would try to see who could get the closest to the wall with a playing card. I was pretty good at it and I still have a few hundred. The cards weren’t worth anything back then, but it seems they have gone up in value. I wish everything was like that.

I am just bushed! I had a busy day of digging fence holes and all I want right now is to sit and vegetate in front of the TV. See you on the other side…

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