Saturday 8 September 2012

Zucchini Salsa

One of the women that my wife works with brought in a jar of zucchini salsa for a treat one day last week. Louise came home and told me how nice it was and I asked why Janice had brought the salsa in. It seems that making zucchini salsa is just something that they have been doing at this time of year for as long as they can remember. That is a nice thing for a family to do; it tends to be one of those things that stops you at those times when you are seriously thinking of killing your mother/daughter/in-law with your bare hands.
Louise thought that it would be a nice thing for us to do. Not as a family, God forbid, but just the two of us since it is so tasty and it borders on the healthy. She asked Janice if it would be possible to get a copy of the recipe. Of course it is her mother’s recipe and we were more than welcome to have it when we pry it from her cold, dead fingers!
I have met people like this before; in fact my mother pulled this shit on us with a Swedish meatball recipe. It was all right, but there was no way the two dishes tasted even remotely the same. I guess they want to protect their recipe and to reap the glory whenever they present the dish. What they don’t realize is that they would get far more praise if they only shared the recipe because people would mention that this Swedish Meatball recipe is from Grandma Harrison. Generations of the family would be passing the recipe down and it would become a standard that all food at the table would strive to achieve. Instead, it died with her and every now and then I will mention that my mom made a killer Swedish Meatball.

Hey there Ladies…share the wealth! You aren’t entering it into contests; you don’t live in Mayberry North Carolina! My brother-in-law George actually has an award winning Apple Pie recipe which he kind of kept close to his vest until a couple of years ago. He decided to share the recipe with my daughter Maegan. It was a pretty involved process on the day that he taught Maegan to bake the pie. I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen while the pie was being crafted, but I did manage to snag a piece or two later on in the day. I guess that George decided that Maegan would be the right choice to keep the recipe and the tradition alive. I think she was touched by the gesture and through her; generations of the family will be able to enjoy Uncle George’s apple pie.

Well, they will be able to enjoy it one way or another. You see, when Maegan was napping a few days later, I made a copy of the recipe. It’s kind of like when I “backup” movies and CD’s from the library to protect against loss or theft.
So, today Louise bought a couple of zucchinis and the other makings for the zucchini salsa recipe she got off of the internet which we will preserve tomorrow.  

Louise didn’t just buy a zucchini, she bought zucchini-zilla. If anyone needs a place to live, we can hollow this monster out and give them a nice three bedroom condo. That is one of the things that we will be doing tomorrow, the other thing I plan to do is hack into Janice’s computer and steal her mom’s recipe. Perhaps I should say, backup her mom’s recipe.

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