Saturday 7 April 2012

Smile And Blow Them A Kiss

I was just watching the new episode of American Chopper and OCC is building a bike for Donald Trump. I guess that Paul Sr. is a contestant on the latest Celebrity Apprentice. What a couple of shameless promoters!

Donald flew his helicopter to the OCC headquarters to get a tour and discuss the bike build. For those that don’t watch, the big issue of the show is that Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. have competing companies and for various reasons, a lawsuit being one, they just don’t talk to each other anymore. Everyone that watches the show seems to be very concerned about the split. Donald was no exception. They talked about it and Sr. told Donald that the day he made Jr. a millionaire, Jr. told him to fuck off. I am pretty sure that there was more to that story, but when you only hear the one side, you get what you get.

Donald told Sr. that he shouldn’t leave him a dime. “Just don’t leave him a dime!” I think that would have had more impact if Jr. wasn’t already a millionaire several times over. I kind of think that Donald was sending his son a message on how to behave for now and in the future. I don’t think Donald has anything to worry; his son was being a good little whipped cur following several steps behind.

What struck me about that was how Donald punishes people. Of course it is money or shall I say talking the money away. There is nothing that would hurt Mr. Trump more than having his money taken from him. I am sure he just can’t conceive that someone wouldn’t care about the money.

We are all kind of like that I guess. The way that I punish people is that I don’t talk to them. I deprive them of my wit, wisdom and general pleasantness. When people don’t talk to me I just withdraw inwards. I find that silence is a void that needs filling, which is why I don’t deprive people for very long. I had to work at a job where I was by myself for most of the day and it damned near drove me nuts. Now that I think about it, people are more than likely happy to have a bit of peace and quiet. Perhaps I should punish them by talking twice as much. Something to think about.

Some people yell at you and try to demean you and what you do. Some will accuse you of any manner of foul behaviour. Over the years I have had bosses that institute policies to keep you from cheating the company of hours or even outright theft.  I told one of these jimjammers that just because he had an evil black heart and a personality to match; it doesn’t mean that everyone does. Most people are trying to do the best job that they can. Of course he just didn’t get it.

I think that the way a person “punishes” you is a window into their psyche. Remember it and document it, because it gives you a weapon that will not only wound, but will make them curl up into a ball and cry “mommy”. Most of us wouldn’t use this even if they could; only the bastards would. Remember it though.

So, the next time someone that is normally very talkative becomes quiet, someone threatens to take something away or even is someone yells obscenities, just know that they are trying to hurt you. It probably isn’t working, so just smile and blow them a kiss. That will piss them off!

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