Thursday 26 April 2012

More Time in Dreamland

Had to use the iPad agin, so no paragraphs again. I am going to have to work on that. I had another one of my infrequent dreams last night. It wasn't as weird as some of them are, but it was a little odd. We are staying at our friends (John and Karen's) home and have been treated pretty far. In the dream, we had just finished dinner and John handed us all a sheet of paper with seven four sided shapes drawn on it which were connected in a line, across the page. None of the sides were square, but were curved either inwards or outwards and where the shapes touched they would of course share that line. There was no printing or anything else for that matter on the page. John was smiling ear to ear and told us that it is kind of a riddle and we have to find the answer. He seemed to be pretty happy about the whole thing, but from that smile I was beginning to wonder if we would ever be allowed out of the house if we didn't solve the riddle. I worked with a fellow that was an associate university professor and this guy was really smart. Well, much smarter than the rest of us posties, but I guess that bar isn't set at the highest level. One monday I was talking to him and asked him how his weekend was, but unlike most people, instead of just saying OK he told me what he did. He said that he and his wife went to a party with a bunch of his friends and when they walked into the house they were given a slip of paper with the name of an eighteenth century philosopher on it and you had to act and talk like that philosopher for the evening and at the end of the night people would try to guess who you were. He had the same kind of smile that John had on his face, and "dream" me knew this might be a very long night. The thing about this guy is that he, in my opinion, was and is totally certifiable. The jurors are still out on John's sanity, but it doesn't look good. I asked John if he knew the answer and as his smile got bigger (was that even possible) and he shook his head back and forth he said "That's the beauty of this, no one knows and we'll be the first to solve it!" I thought that even though I might be the downer of the party, I should mention that isn't it possible that there just isn't a solution and it isn't even a riddle, just some guy's doodle when he was talking on the phone. John's lost his smile and his brows met in the middle, I could tell that wasn't something we should consider. I just laughed and said "Got ya! Let's get this thing solved." I don't think I am ever going to be allowed to leave. Well, of course we attempted to guess what the lines were. We got some scissors and cut out the figures and tried to arrange them into some kind of logical or illogical order. Sadly, they didn't seem to make any sense. I thought that they might be a flattened out world map without any continents, but really what is the sense of that? We spent hours trying to figure it out and although there were some pretty ingenious suggestions we just couldn't figure it out. I was beginning to wish that I got the name Baruch Spinoza (18th century philosopher) when Louise said "The only thing this looks like is a sewing pattern!" John jumped up and yelled "That's it! You got it! It is a t-shirt pattern! All of the pieces fit together and make a shirt." Louise mentioned that none of the pieces were to scale which made it really tough. John said that he had to do it this way or else it would have been too easy. We looked at John and decided that we had best humour him. I hope that tonight we can just watch TV or talk, but in the mean time, while John is at work, I am going to hide anything with a sharp edge.

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