Monday 2 April 2012


The other day I was in a “blue” mood. I sometimes get that way, and as often as not it isn’t due to any particular event or series of events; it just is. There is really nothing anyone can do to bring me out of it, other than get a little older.

I don’t want to talk about depression today, but I mention it because of the colour. I have read books that talk about the healing qualities of colour and how it can reflect your moods. They say that a light green will help the healing process and there is a lot of green in hospitals. It is soothing and relaxing; it helps to alleviate depression and offers a sense of renewal. Of course green is everywhere in the natural world, and has come to be synonymous with the ecology movement we are going through now. I can look out my window and see an evergreen tree. Unfortunately, I can look out my window and see my “nevergreen” lawn. There is no significant renewal there.

Blue is trustworthy and dependable and is a constant in our lives. It is the colour of the sky and oceans, and the earth is a blue jewel when seen from space. Everything looks better when seen from a distance. Different shades of blue can be calming or exhilarating, while some shades of blue can be cold and distant. I have a sweat shirt that is an electric blue, and I only wear it when I am sick. For some reason it makes me feel better…ish and I know when I am on the road to recovery when I stop wearing the sweatshirt. Well, I am recovering or it is starting to smell so bad that even with a cold I can’t stand it. Blue is one of my favourite colours. I thank the heavens that I was born in the generation that has embraced blue jeans as a banner of freedom and individuality.

Yellow is a colour that indicates optimism, enlightenment and energy. I guess that is why the Happy Face is yellow. It is also supposed to be mentally stimulating and improves the memory. I think I remembered that correctly. That all may be true, but when you see someone dressed all in yellow, you don’t think to yourself “Hey, there is an optimistic and energetic person with a good memory!” but rather “Look at that freakin’ doofus in yellow. What a maroon!” Well, at least I do.

Orange is a good colour for fruit.

Red is the colour of love. It is also the colour of Christmas, Russia, blood, sex, Satan and Coca-Cola. I have read that if you wear red then you are trying to attract attention to that part of you body. I think that maybe that is the reason that I don’t wear red, don’t look, don’t laugh. I knew this guy once that belonged to a Christian church which didn't celebrate Christmas. You see, if you rearrange the letters in Santa, you will get Satan and they both wear the same colour...RED!

Brown is wholesome and earthy; it gives a sense of orderliness and a connection to the planet. It is also one of my favourite colours. I think it is also the colour of a hangover. You know, when you have had too much and the next day your head feels like it is full of tiny bits of brown paper. No? So, then it is just me…interesting. I like to wear browns, because it is a colour that seems to blend in to your surroundings, not like that sluttish red!

White represents purity, cleanliness and neutrality. It can’t make up its mind what colour it wants to be so it is all of them. The problem that I have with white clothes is that they don’t stay white long enough. Even if I sit in one (clean) place, the white somehow gets dirty. I have never understood how people can wear white and keep it clean. I have a theory that they have a whole bunch of the same outfits and when I am not looking they will change. I didn’t say it was a particularly clever theory.

Black isn’t a colour, but an absence of colour. It is as useless as orange and it doesn’t even have a fruit named after it. I guess that is a good thing, because who in their right mind would start their day with a tall glass of fresh, cool black juice?

Well, I kind of forgot where this was going and why I started it in the first place.

So, if you are blue then you need yellow, and if you are red, green can help, brown makes you feel one with the earth and orange and black are useless. White is just there.


  1. Did you know that orange is related to emotions? Hmmm.

  2. Sure, but it makes a better juice. Hmmmm...