Friday 13 April 2012

I'm Fine...ish

I woke up early today so that I could wish Louise a good day at work and wave goodbye. My plan was to go back to bed just after she left because I had too few hours of unconsciousness.

Unfortunately, by the time she left I was wide awake and the idea of going back to bed just didn’t cut it for me. I dearly wish it did, because I had one of those “almost” headaches, the ones that make themselves known, but are just waiting in the background for a good reason to get mean. I still have that headache and I am hoping that sleep tonight will send it on its way. Of course, it could be indicative of some other physical or psychological difficulty that I am having.

I decided against taking Buster for a walk this morning because the sidewalks were a mess, I had a slight headache (remember) and since we came back from California he has disgraced himself a couple of times on the dining room floor so I am a little miffed with him. I did hear the call from Princess Auto though. Not so much a call as a message transmitted through the ether, telling me to get my ass there and pronto. Well, the universe kind of screwed that message up! I didn’t see anything that I was willing to buy. There were some cool things, but most of them I either have no use for or I don’t know what they could possibly be used for. Well, so much for my getting any useful messages from the universe.

Since I was in the neighbourhood and I had a free Tim’s coffee calling to me it was a no-brainer. While I was waiting to order, this crazy woman walked up to the teller and started to cause a commotion. It seems that she found some more money and wanted them to give her a large choco-moto-vanilla-rasberry whatever. She had her medium cup that she had been drinking from and wanted them to top it up. They tried to explain that since she had already been drinking they couldn’t do it. Voices started to be raised and I thought I was in for a coffee and a show. No such luck, because just about then, her “handler” came and guided her back to the table. Things returned to normal and I returned to my coffee.

I went to check out the second hand store and then home for lunch. Louise wasn’t coming home for lunch so I made a wrap and watched some crappy TV. I needed to go to the store to pick up a lotto ticket (it must be my turn!), make an appointment with the physiotherapist and return a book to the library. I walked up to the plaza and dropped the book off and picked another up. I went to the physiotherapist and talked to the receptionist. It turns out that the first consultation is $92 and every appointment afterwards is $72. I told her that I will call back. What I really meant was that I would call back if I think having use of my left arm is worth $164 for two sessions. I am still not sure. I’m thinking, I’m thinking…

When I was walking up the sidewalk, I saw Buster in the window. Shit, I knew that I had put him in his crate, but maybe he is smarter than I thought. I opened the door and there is Louise standing in the kitchen talking on the phone saying “He just walked in, I will talk to you later!”

I asked if she took an early Friday, and she told me that she had been trying to get in touch with me since this morning and was really worried. I guess that somehow my cell was on silent and I just wasn’t around when the house phone rang. I got a little pissy that she would come home from work, but I guess from her point of view I could be dying on the floor. I told her that I had no intention of dying anytime in the near future and that I would let her know if I was considering anything that extreme. She went back to work and I was left wondering what the hell had just happened.

It is kind of nice to be loved and know that someone out there is worried about you and your ability to stay vertical. I guess from now on I will make sure that the cell is on “loud” and that I check the messages on the home phone. I have no desire to put Louise through that kind of worry again. But, there was no need to worry! I’m fine…ish.

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