Tuesday 17 April 2012


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I just found out today that the high school I attended is going to have its 50th anniversary. I found out through a link on facebook, not directly from the school or even indirectly from a fellow ex-Wex student. I don’t think I will read anything into this over sight.

I have never been to a reunion, and I think it would be pretty cool. Hopefully there would be name tags with then and now photos attached, because otherwise it will just be a bunch of old farts trying to remember each others names. Well, I guess even with name tags that will pretty much be it. I think there was a twenty fifth, but I was out here and was pretty sure that the people that I wanted to see wouldn’t be attending anyways. I hope those people have mellowed towards education in the past forty or so years.

Since I attended, Wexford has become a school of the arts, sort of like the school in Fame. Well, without the “fame” I suppose. I used to do a sort of a comedy/circus geek kind of act with my then partner Ken Robison. We would dress up in stupid clothing and pretty much do stupid things on stage, it was a hoot. Perhaps because of that they decided to encourage people with some actual talent to go to the school. In a round about way I just may be responsible for any and all accolades the school has received since I left. Hopefully, when the reunion does take place there will be some killer entertainment and not a couple of geeks in weird clothes doing weird things on stage.

The reunion is scheduled for October 2015. That gives lots of advance notice for the word to be passed around. I think I can make it, but I should check my appointment book. Yep, I just happen to be free for the month. That also gives me about two and a half years to do something remarkable. I have been kind of coasting on my good looks, but if I want to impress the old gang I am going to have to do a couple of things first. One, I need to get famous in some field or profession. It should be easy enough, I learned in this high school how to work with a deadline. I wasn’t very good at it, but perhaps I have improved. Two, I will need to check out the things that are covered under Ontario’s statute of limitations. It’s been forty five years or so after all. Most of the witnesses are probably dead of at the very least, befuddled. Three, I may have to bind and gag the friends that I have kept in touch with over the years for that particular weekend. Can’t have them telling the truth now…can I?

I wonder what you do at these things. Sure, you mix and mingle, but I probably wasn’t very well liked universally. There are a couple of people I know don’t like me and I did hear from a woman a few years back who said that I had broken her heart. I never knew I was a heart breaker. I always knew that I could break wind, but that isn’t the same thing at all. Perhaps in very specific cases, I’m thinking of you Becky, and sorry! I wonder if we will have one of those crappy dances where I stand against the wall and watch the people having fun. I guess it will be great no matter what because these are the people that I can blame for who I became. Nice to put names to the phobias.

I’m kind of excited about it, but I had best get to work on that something remarkable thing before I run out of time.

Here is the facebook link to any ex-Wex that might be reading this blog.

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