Wednesday 25 April 2012


Well, the other night the Alberta Conservatives rolled to another majority government. SHIT!!

I generally fall somewhere between Liberal and the NDP in my political leanings and over the years I have had disappointment after disappointment. Oh, I have had good times as well, politically speaking of course, but ever since I have lived out west my team hasn't really had any effect on me. What I mean by that is that even when my party was in power, they would punish Alberta for not electing any Liberals and of course certainly not anyone to the left of them. I suppose that the saving grace is that it is Alberta and as a province we are quite well off thanks to the jungles and oceans on the planet some ten or twenty million years ago.

 If it weren't for the oil we would be a "have-not" province going to the federal government with hat-in-hand asking for support of some kind in order to bring the province up to a basic survival level. Well, we do have oil and for the most part, we begrudge having to support those provinces, even though at one time some of them supported us. Why don't they get some pride and do what we did? Discover oil and get rich no matter how much you mismanage the funds.

Normally, although I will bitch and complain, I don't really care who the ruling party is, because once they have filled their pockets and given plum jobs and contracts to all of their "friends", it is pretty much life as usual for me. The last couple of years however, there has been a rising star in the west. The Wild Rose Party. These are generally conservative people that don't really see eye to eye with the Conservatives. They think they are Namby-pamby. There is no reason in their mind why everything can't be user pay. If the poor really want a surgery they can just pull their socks up and make enough money, instead of hanging about all day eating candy, doing drugs and watching TV.

There was more than one person running for the party that managed to fit both feet in their mouths. One candidate mentioned that he was the best choice because he was white and would be able to represent all of the constituents and not just the people that were the same colour or racial background. I guess he meant that just so long as all of his constituents were white. I know he means well as do all politicians, but right or wrong, I feel that conservatives believe that what is good for corporate Alberta is good for Albertans as a whole.

I know, I know...there is some merit in it, but I prefer not to see it. It is just fun bashing Conservatives. They have thick skin and it doesn't bother them.

Anyways, back to the election. I found my self voting conservative for the first time in the hopes that the Wild Rose Party wouldn't get in. Thankfully, the conservative candidate in our riding was the best person for the job, but I still feel dirty.

 The same old thieving bastards won the election with a majority. Even when I win I seem to lose. The good thing about it is that their pockets are already full and all of their friends are gainfully employed in occupations where they do very little work with very high pay. Back to getting screwed over by the conservatives. I guess I have to say getting screwed over by "My Conservatives".

 I think I had better go and have a shower...I feel so dirty!

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  1. Us Liberal bastards will be waiting in hell for you, you turn coat! Oh wait I once voted for the Rhino Party back in the eighties, OK we will forgive you this time, sort of. B