Sunday 15 April 2012

I Am a Libra

I am a Libra, actually I was born on the cusp (whatever that is) and I have been told that I am a pretty typical Libra. I don’t really believe that the position of the stars can foretell my destiny. When you think of it, why would an all powerful and all knowing universe plant stars and nebula in such a position that a tiny little planet on the back edge of the bumfuck galaxy, with a self aware cancer called humans would be able to predict (kind of) their miserable little lives.

Like I say, I don’t really buy it. I do however read my horoscope on a regular basis and if what I read is to my liking it kind of makes me smile for a while. Sometimes it is just plain wrong. I have actually heard that since Pluto was demoted and is no longer a planet, the horoscope sign that we thought we were is changed. I think that I am a Virgo now. I guess I can read both and there will be double the chance that I could have a good day. For the purpose of this blog I am going to say that I am a Libra at this point in time and one of the traits we Librans have is that I have problems making decisions.

This has been a challenge for me my whole life. I think part of the issue is that I am able to view a situation and see both sides. When you look at an issue from both sides, and really see it from both sides, you know that both sides are correct. They aren’t correct for the other side, but why would they care about the other side. See my problem? I worked in a union shop for my entire working life, and I could see that the union was needed to keep the management from screwing the workers with their ridiculous demands. From the management’s point of view, they were needed to keep the union from screwing over the worker with their ridiculous demands. Life isn’t black and white; it is a grey, shady place that every now and then has a splash of colour. That is a topic for another blog.

Today I have been agonizing over whether or not I need to buy a new cell phone. I have a cell phone, but it is pretty much shit. It turns the sound off by itself, runs out of power just when it is needed and sometimes it won’t even come with me when I go out! There are a few phones that I have been keeping my eyes on at this web site. I bought one for Louise a while back and it is pretty good, at least it brought us in to the new century. I look at my crappy phone and I want a shiny new one that does more than ring, or in my case, not ring.

Part of the problem that I am having is trying to decide between hundreds of shiny new phones and the other part is that I only have three people that will actually call me. I could probably get by with four tin cans and a ball of twine. The other issue with spending $120 on a phone is this damned computer! It is on its last legs and although it will still turn on and do what it is supposed to do, there are signs that it is learning civil disobedience. It is definitely working to rule and causing me (as management) no end of grief. So, do I spend $120 on a phone that hardly gets any use and then have to spend about $500 on a new tower? Don’t I deserve it? Don’t I deserve both?

I will admit that I am pretty well covered on the computer thing. I have my iPad, the laptop and of course I can always use Louise’s computer or even her phone for that matter. I am kind of intimidated by this black tower looking at me and that tuneless little hum it constantly hums. I think I had better sleep on it, for a week or so.

You know, I got the computer on October 21 of 2007, which makes it a Libra. That’s cool! It can’t make up its mind to break down or to keep working. Maybe there is balance in the universe after all.

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