Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Anniversary

I was sitting here wondering just what I should write about tonight when it hit me. I guess that I should mention that today is my 34th anniversary. Louise has put up with me for an amazing 34 years! To the best of my knowledge she hasn’t tried to poison, maim, strangle, smother, shoot or even hire a hit man. That is true love I guess.

To be truthful, there have been times over the years when I thought that I had been poisoned, but it turned out that my eyes were bigger than my stomach and said stomach had passed its maximum allowable limit. She has been known to hit me pretty hard at times. Yes, I did deserve to be hit. I don’t know how she does it, but somehow she manages to hit the nerve in my shoulder that temporarily paralyzes the arm for a few minutes. Just enough time to mull over the errors of my ways I suppose. I know that she has had dreams about me and when she woke up in the middle of the night she punched me and the anger persisted into the next day. About something that I didn’t even do! Thank goodness that there was never enough money to pay off a hit man.

We have had a pretty good time of it over the years, and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. I do know that I probably don’t deserve her and no matter what I do for the rest of our life together, it will more than likely not be enough.

We celebrated tonight with Easter dinner over at Arwen’s. The whole gang was there, save for Maegan who was there in spirit. It was a hoot watching the grand kids play with the stuff the Easter Bunny brought and kind of fun to see Arwen and Chris torn about how much candy to let them eat. They knew that we would have the kids for the night so I figured that they would have had a funnel in their mouths and just pour the candy in. They went to bed pretty good, so it is obvious that Arwen and Chris are nicer, better people than I am. Thanks!

We have never made a big deal about our anniversary, and I think it is because we have several dates that are of equal importance. When we met, when we moved in together, when we moved out west and of course our actual wedding date. We were married at Black Creek Pioneer village in Ontario and most of the attendees were in period costume. It was bloody cold, but sunny, so the pictures turned out pretty good. We were living out west at the time and some good friends did a lot of the planning and organizing for us. I don’t think that I would do it again, but it is a nice memory. Weddings aren’t for the bride and groom, but for family and friends.

The best part of those 34 years will wake me up too early tomorrow morning and if we are lucky, Hurricane and Tornado will snuggle in between us for a little while before sucking out any energy that I might have left in my body. There is nothing that tells us that we have had a good marriage more than a little guy giving us a hug and saying “I love you Poppa! I love you Grandma!”

Thanks Louise!


  1. Congratulations Ken and Louise! Sounds like a neat wedding and a great marriage. We were married April 7, 1973 in Chesterfield
    United Church, Plattsville, Ontario. I had moved to Edmonton in January - DOH! The day was cloudy and cool - beautiful northern lights in the evening while a friend and I were re-installing the spark plug cables in the rental car. For some reason they got crossed - I was owed some wedding tricks, but thought I had it covered. ;) We're still awaiting a Hurricane or Tornado - all in good time!

  2. For a minute there I thought that you were saying that you were married "on" a chesterfield in 1973. There are cultures where that is considered a marriage ceremony, and in a lot of ways it is certainly more personal. Not the kind of thing you want to invite old Aunt Edna to though.

    Thanks for the comment.