Monday 6 June 2011

The Weak Minded, Aged and Infirm

I needed to pick up some potatoes for supper tonight. You would think that wouldn’t be a problem for a guy that has all the free time in the world.

You see, a week ago our rear projection TV’s bulb burnt out after about four and a half years of pretty heavy use and I ordered a replacement bulb, but I had to wait around for UPS to deliver it. I knew it was coming today because unlike the Post Office, the tracking system that UPS uses actually tracks the parcel. Yeah, I know, it sure is an innovative way to run a delivery business. I just wasn’t sure when they would come so I needed to stay tethered to the house.

UPS finally came around , the parcel was in one piece and it was accompanied by a parcel for Maegan. I think that it is nice that the two parcels hooked up and kept each other company in the back of the truck. Sometimes parcels can be a little stand offish if they don’t know each other. The first thing that I did was to check and make sure that I ordered the right lamp because it was about $200 less than I could get it in the store. It was indeed the correct lamp.

By the way, what is that shit? How can there be a $200 difference for the same product just because it is in a store?

I expect to pay a little more in a store.
After all, that is what stores are for.
They have a roof and walls and even a floor.

Managers, shippers and salesmen
Drivers and technicians 
Are just some of them.

But triple the price
That’s just not nice.
Fucking assholes!

I really don’t know how stores are going to continue when the internet can give you such a savings. For the same product the stores pay the same or less than I do on the internet. I wouldn’t mind if they made a healthy profit, but I won’t knowingly get screwed.

Once UPS made its appearance I was free to do my shopping. I just wanted potatoes, some bananas and strawberries. I like the local Superstore because it is close, I know the layout and it is cheaper than my other options. When I arrived at Superstore, guess what happened? How the hell can they be out of potatoes, bananas and strawberries? WTF! The odds of that happening is astronomical! Isn't it? Oh well, I guess the more expensive option is in my future; after all I just saved $200.

I got to Co-op and found that their potatoes were about twice the price of Superstores. Well, when Superstore has them in stock. I figured screw the strawberries and bananas and I just picked two potatoes to go with tonight’s steak.

Why is it that the weak minded, aged and infirm seem to be drawn to the self checkout? How is it that they have so much trouble? Have they even seen a keypad before? Can they fucking read? Can’t they hear me saying “What the fuck!” over and over? Go to a teller for the love of God! You aren’t anywhere close to being independent! You are fucking retarded! Jesus!

You might be saying to yourself, ahhhh….Ken if it is the weak minded, aged and infirm that are drawn to the self checkouts then why are you there?”

I think we both know the answer.

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  1. Welcome to my world here on Van. Island, and watching them park is even more fun OMG! B