Monday 20 June 2011

Something Wondrous

I think that this is one of those days that just shouldn’t have happened. Not that anything bad happened you understand. Well, I am sure that something bad has happened today, to someone else. It is quite possible that someone else suffered terribly today. To have someone I don’t know suffer, really doesn’t bother me because I don’t know them. Since I don’t know them then I wouldn’t even hear about the bad thing so it wouldn’t be a bad thing to me. It would be bad to the unknown person, but I can’t do anything about that because I don’t know them. Anyone else getting a headache?

I felt that I should have done something wondrous today, but instead I did the same old ho-hum stuff that I have come to expect of me. Normally I enjoy the ho-hum because it is the ho-hum that I have chosen to live with. If it were someone else’s ho-hum then it would be really …ho-hum! So, nothing wondrous, no one else’s ho-hum and very little accomplished.

There is a very good chance that wondrous will happen tomorrow, but since it is a Tuesday and very little of merit has ever happened on a Tuesday, I won’t hold my breath. There are specials on Tuesdays, but they are just to get people in to the bars and restaurants. They would be just as happy to stay home except that on Tuesdays they can get wings for five cents. No one really likes wings, it is just that they are the cheapest thing on the menu and go great with beer.

I have a theory that wings are only purchased by the bar once and forever after they are cleaned and coated with a special coating, deep fried and served again. It doesn’t take away from the taste, but it does explain how they can sell them for five cents. While I am thinking about chicken, why is it that I can buy a rotisserie chicken in the store all cooked and spiced cheaper than I can buy an uncooked, unspiced chicken at the same store? If I could buy those chickens before they were cooked I would assume that they would be cheaper since the store didn’t have to cook or spice them. You would be surprised at the look of utter bewilderment that comes over the face of the Safeway store manager when you start to explain this to him.

So, what about something wondrous? Maybe this week, and maybe not. I will keep looking for the sign and will let you know when it is about to happen. Not this for sure!


  1. The Equinox happens today (Tuesday) and that is on the wondrous list! Get out and enjoy it. B

  2. Brain, it is time for you to move away from the island. You are getting that new age, touchy feely thing happening. Don't smoke anything the locals give you!

  3. It's a bit tuff trying to smoke wacky tobacky when your neighbors name is Corporal McIntosh RCMP, and he drops over every now and then! What can I say living here makes you want to get up and enjoy the world. B