Tuesday 28 June 2011

My name is Ken and I am a dreamer!

I guess that I have been a dreamer for my entire life. When I was a child I had the dreams of a child, someone to hold me when I was hurt and lonely, someone to play with and to live in a house made of cookies and ice cream. Hey, two out of three is pretty good.

I guess when I was small I thought that prayers and dreams were the same thing. I would dream that I could do well in school and follow that up with a prayer. When I was playing left field I would pray that the ball wouldn’t come to me and dream that it did and I caught it.

I would often dream that I was well liked and pray that it were so. I would dream that after I fell asleep I was a crime fighter and prayed it were true, because otherwise I was punching myself in my sleep.

I got a little older and would still pray that I did well in school, but would dream of anything else when I was in school. I would pray that Cathy Arbour would notice me and dream about what it would be like if she did. Eventually, I would dream that any girl would notice me and pray that it were true. I dreamt that I would break a girl’s heart and pray not to have my heart broken. I found out forty years later that I had broken a heart,  and have felt bad about it since. I dreamt that I did the “cool” things and prayed that my parents never found out.

When I had finished with school, I fell in love with a dream and prayed that she never would come to her senses. So far, so good. I prayed that I could live in the shadow of heaven and my Alberta dream came true. I dreamt of the perfect family and my prayers were answered. I prayed that I could give my family a good life and so far I am living the dream. I prayed that I would have a dream job and I had it for thirty years. I dreamt of freedom 55 and my prayers were answered.

I prayed that each of my children would be able to follow their dreams. I dreamt of the perfect child and I have two grandchildren that remember me in their prayers. I pray that my grandchildren’s lives are a dream. I pray that I am given the time to have more dreams.

I have dreamt that I win riches and pray that I can keep the ones I have.

My name is Ken and I am a dreamer...

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