Wednesday 1 June 2011


I, like millions of other Canadians bought a coffee at Tim Horton’s today. This is Camp Day and all of the owner/operators of Tim’s franchises donate the price of all the coffees served today to fund Tim Horton’s Camps across Canada. Pretty impressive for a heartless corporation!

There are five camps located throughout Canada and one located in Kentucky. Needy kids from one area of the country are sent to another part of the country, sort of a Katimavik for kids. There is a camp in Alberta and one year Louise and I took the time to go and visit to see just what it was all about. In a word, Fantastic! If the kids didn’t have a great time it wasn’t because the camp counsellors weren’t trying. They are very highly trained, caring people. Kind of made me sick just how nice they were. Sort of like having a mouthful of sugar, you want to spit it out but its sugar!

The only thing I can complain about (believe me I have looked for things) is that you don’t get a tax receipt. You do get a coffee though. Today when I went with my friend there was a Calgary Stampeder cheerleader at the front door with one of those Tim’s prize wheels and asked us if we would like a treat for a dollar. They say a dirty mind is its own reward, and if that is the case then I was rewarded today. I won a muffin! No, a real muffin. Oh well! My buddy got some Tim bits which is a waste on someone like him, being a celiac, I refer to him as a “silly ass”, it rhymes and it is true. No, it isn’t that witty at all. It should be, but it just isn’t. We were served by a woman from head office and after our coffee my buddy went and asked her why there wasn’t a gluten free option on the menu. She said it was a good question and promised to mention it to R & D.

She came over with another coffee for us and the owner. I said that I would take the coffee, but she can keep the owner. I would take the girl at the door if I get to choose a person. They said it was between me and her, but I am pretty sure Louise wouldn’t want me to bring home someone unannounced. Just another path not taken I suppose. I told the owner that this was our favourite store and we drive past three others to get here. He told the woman from head office this was an unsolicited testimonial and in an aside to me said I will get a raise.

Later on in the day I went back with Louise, but by then there were no celebrities or cheerleaders, just the run of the mill employees and customers. Nothing good lasts forever, but we can hope that Tim’s Camps keep going for many years to come.


Yes, I know Tim isn’t with us anymore, but it is sort of like “The king is dead, long live the king”


  1. Great Story. In addition to the burger place up north, Tim also tried his hand with a used car place. He was always worried about how to take care of the family after hockey. It's so ironic that after he dies, the donut chain becomes a mega-giant....

  2. Well Brian, that just goes to show you that we shouldn't worry about our families. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!