Monday 2 May 2016

Not As Bad As Hitler

I thought of this a week or so ago, and I just can’t remember if I wrote it or not. There is a good chance you may have five extra minutes today.

I consider myself to be a generous kind of guy. I suspect that we all like to think of ourselves in a positive way. I doubt that even Hitler worried that his actions were detrimental to the world. Sure, initially, but history would show that he was on the right track all along. The Nazi’s and Hitler took the wrong turn just before arriving in Munich I think. I’m sure his mom loved him.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, trying to see their side of any issue, no matter how ill informed they may be. I give to charities. Okay, Louise gives to charities, but the money comes from our bank account and I get to claim the donations off my taxes. I reluctantly buy Girl Guide cookies when I am waylaid at the exit of Rona or Home Depot and haven’t been able to find a back exit. Five bucks for cookies! Louise always buys them without even looking for the back exit.
I try to avoid pan handlers if at all possible. I don’t know why, but they always seem to appear when I have pockets full of change. It is hard to say you don’t have any change when your pockets are ringing like Westminster Abbey. I do, but I feel like an asshole for it. I’ve practiced walking soundlessly, but I look like I have some serious physical disability. I live in fear that some pan handler will take pity on me and give me what he has collected.

It isn’t that I am not generous; it’s just that my generosity takes careful thought. Does this person actually deserve my money? Could he/she be gainfully employed and earning their own money? Does this person have more money than I do in reality? I suspect that some of these guys make a good living. Okay, that is just my justification for being cheap. By the time I make up my mind to give the guy some money, I am well away from him.

If you believe in reincarnation, I suspect that I have five or six hundred lives to go before I can attain Godhead.

So, I am not as bad as Hitler and not as good as Louise.

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