Wednesday 4 May 2016

The Next Study

A study was released today by a University of Calgary researcher about the benefits of having fluoride in our water supply. Calgary politicians knuckled under to a small, vocal, paranoid group of people that believe that the government is trying to poison our water supply for some inexplicable reason. One of the main arguments that these people used is that there wasn’t any regionally, definitive study on the subject. Well, now there is and the study shows conclusively that the children who have fluoride in the water supply have fewer cavities and just better dental health. This is what the dental professionals have been saying all along.

I am not and never have been a supporter of any government at all because deep down I feel that they have their own agenda and that agenda does not necessarily have my best interests at heart. Big business is the same, they are out to make profits and pay dividends to the shareholders, while filling their own pockets with as much money as possible without going to jail. They are not to be trusted!

However, I don’t think they are out to poison me, pump carcinogenic causing chemicals into my food and water or in any way bring about sickness and disease. Dead and dying people can’t go out and buy new cars and toasters or vote the local politician in for another four years. Yes, these things have happened in the past and will in the future, but I don’t believe it is malicious. The Flint Michigan water is an example of stupidity more than anything else. The politician responsible will never get re-elected and any one involved will suffer financially.

Now, our society is not one that puts health above profits. We like our toys and conveniences far too much to do what is best for all of us. We pump poisons into the air with our cars and we generate all kinds of toxins creating those things that we can’t live without. It is a trade off I suppose. Because of our high standard of living we have better health through drugs and good medical care. Our lives are much easier than those in third world countries, but the food they eat is grown organically and has more naturally occurring nutrients than our foods do.

I knew that the fluoride debate would be back sooner than later, and this time I hope that good dental health wins the day. Well, until the next study comes out…

Written on Feb 17,2016

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