Saturday 30 April 2016

Hit The Hay

I haven’t actually been avoiding writing as directing my creative juices in other directions.

For instance, yesterday I woke up around nine…ish, had breakfast, walked the dog and then watched a little TV. After a hearty lunch, I napped for about an hour and a half when I woke up and made some popcorn and watched a rerun of NCIS. I looked outside and after determining that the lawn could do with its first cut of the season, I had another nap. This time I slept till shortly after seven. I had some supper and after watching some TV I decided to make it an early night.

Today I gave blood, walked the dog, looked at the lawn again, bought some lotto tickets and went to the library. When I got back, I put the sprinkler on the lawn and as everyone knows, you can’t cut a wet lawn. Maybe you shouldn’t cut a wet lawn. I effectively put the lawn situation off until sometime tomorrow. Can or should you cut the lawn on a Sunday? Isn’t it sacrilege? Hmmmm… I should check that out for use later in the summer.

I have been making some tiny easels for a friend’s niece. I am not really sure why she wants them, but it is a fun learning project. I suspect she must draw tiny oil paintings that need to be displayed. Tomorrow I think I will start carving again and I just might turn an egg on the lathe. You see, I gave a painted egg to Tornado last week and I suspect that no matter how careful he is with it there will eventually be an accident. Hence, a duplicate wooden egg.

I have done some baking as well, but there is no remaining proof.

I am pretty sure it is time to hit the hay and with any luck I will have some pleasant dreams.

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