Monday 30 May 2016


In the faith that I was loosely brought up in, the concept of heaven seems to involve passing some kind of test to get into the gated community and once there as far as I understand, you hang out talking to everyone in your life that passed away before you did. Well, you are kind of obligated because I think that my loved ones will be waiting just inside the gate to welcome me. Once the “Hi’s” and “How are ya’s” are done with, I suppose I will lurk around the gate waiting for someone I know to show up. It doesn’t really sound that interesting; I think there must be more to it.

The Muslim paradise is said to flow with rivers of the purest waters, clarified honey and wine. All wonderful tasting of course as things should be in Paradise. It is interesting that on earth in this life all Muslims are forbidden to drink wine. I guess a river of wine is a reward for being faithful. But if it is a reward…

They are also promised a number of virgins who will stay virgins indefinitely. Why not, my religion has at its root a virgin birth. I’m not sure that everyone would want a bunch of virgins hanging around them all the time. I think I’d like to read in peace and it would be awesome to watch some shows that I missed. I have never heard what Muslim women get in Paradise. I don’t believe they get a supply of virgin men, but I suppose they can make use of those rivers of water, honey and wine if they so choose. I did come across something that said they will be made to look lovely and be dressed in the finest clothing and jewels. Maybe shopping is some women’s idea of heaven, but surely not all.

I guess kids deserve to be able to play eternally and never HAVE to do anything.

It is a mystery. A mystery I am in no hurry to get the answer to by the way.

I just hope that in the afterlife I get to do those things I want to do, when I want to do them without thinking about how my actions will impact on others.

It would be nice if those others didn’t let you down. I have faith that all will be well in the afterlife.

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