Tuesday 3 May 2016


Jeez, the computer is making grinding like noises. I think that means the hard drive is having a difficult time. I don’t know what it is complaining about, the most that I do is check email, browse the web and every now and then I write a blog. None of these things should be very taxing for a machine. I mean, I could be hacking into the government sites or bit mining whatever that is; any of the many games available are memory and performance pigs. Well, not solitaire which is my game of choice. Sometimes I play a word search and the odd time if I am feeling especially frisky there is a jigsaw puzzle program that I like.

I suspect that Microsoft has sent little byte monsters to wreck my computer. They sent me a notice that the operating system I am currently using will no longer have their support. Well isn’t that just peachy! It was released in 2007 and is now obsolete. Nine years? I have underwear that is older than that and the elastic is still more or less still stretching. Not so much on the right leg and you would think both legs would wear at the same rate. It isn’t as if I decide to just use the right leg and let old lefty swing free.

I will bitch and complain lose some unimportant files and important photos before I go and buy a new, shiny, fast and noiseless machine that has ten times the computing speed and twenty times the memory. Maybe I will hack into the government sites just for fun. Maybe I will start playing video games and call myself Azariale the bastard son of a Gnome prince and an Elf maiden. Or, I could continue to write boring blogs and watch too much crappy television.

I hate Microsoft!

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