Saturday 21 May 2016

Snoring and Farting

We have a guest staying with us for the long weekend. Arwen and her family are in Red Deer for a lacrosse tournament and we have the pleasure of looking after Miss Lola our grand-dog.

Lola likes to visit us as much as we like to have her. It is possible the thought of a few days away from two high energy kids, appeals to her. She also gets to do pretty much whatever she wants to do. With extra treats for being a good dog of course. Buster tolerates the visit, and each dog pretty much does their own thing. We do have to hide Busters food because Lola can and will eat anything that comes close to her mouth. She is very shark like in that way.

Both dogs are around ten which is getting up there in dog years, so sleep seems to be a favourite activity. Dogs in general sleep a lot, and when they are in the wild the sleep is necessary to counteract those short periods of intense activity when they are hunting. The only search for food they have to do here is to follow the sound of kibble hitting the bottom of the bowl. It’s a dog’s life indeed!

I always enjoy it when Lola visits because I can blame the odd sound and noxious smell on her. No one farts like a bulldog farts! She also sounds sort of like a 747 getting ready for takeoff when she is sleeping. She is one noisy girl.

It comforts me to know that for this long weekend, someone else in the house holds the record for snoring and farting.

Long live Miss Lola!!!

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