Thursday 14 January 2016

Who I Am

We are comprised of many different facets and it is rare that two or more people see us in exactly the same way.

This has been brought home today as I talked to different people who knew my brother. Some knew him throughout his life as I did and others knew him at different stages of his life. Some knew him only socially, others lived with him and still others knew him through his work.

Sometimes when I talked to these people, I would swear that they were talking about totally different people. There were enough similarities to know that it was indeed my brother and that he will be missed by those who knew him. I often wished that I knew him in the same way these other people knew him. For them he was just a fun guy and you never knew what he would do next. There was the hard working, well respected and knowledgeable worker. I will miss him too, even the parts I didn’t know.

In some ways that is why I am writing this blog. When I am gone my friends and family will be able to read these blogs and come to know me or at least the parts of me that I put down in these pages. I have trouble understanding myself sometimes; it would be too much to expect others to get me.

We are all different and all the same. We are individuals together. We know that we can never truly be known. Every morning we get up and are a different person that we were yesterday morning. We have 24 hours more experience and have a lifetime of knowledge that we use to interpret those 24 hours. No wonder we show so many different aspects of ourselves to others.

I can hardly wait to see who I am tomorrow.

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