Wednesday 6 January 2016

Not That Picky

I like movies. I like a wide variety of movies. The only movies that I can honestly say I don’t particularly like are real life, bleak and depressing; "this is how it is" movies.

Now that is a generalization and I am sure there are movies of that ilk which I could watch from beginning to end, but generally speaking I will stay away from them. A lot of these movies win all sorts of awards and focus the world on an issue that desperately needs to be focused on. That is very nice.

I just prefer to watch fluff. If I am interested in real life scenarios, I will turn the TV off and either walk outside or read the paper. There is no sense watching the news because the coverage is pathetically stark. I try to only go to places I know are innocuous and I limit my reading to the Entertainment sections of the paper. So sue me!

I won’t name all of the crappy movies that I watch, but if it has no socially significant issues being dealt with, then it is a movie I will quite possibly like. The movie doesn’t even have to make a lot of sense, I don’t care. If there is action and beautiful people parading around being silly/dangerous/deadly/funny/sexy then I can assure you that I will watch it.

I do have limits and have often turned movies off or just wandered off in the middle of one of these trash/crap movies. Give me action, space ships, aliens, gunplay and a script that doesn’t stretch my belief system to the breaking point.

I’m just not that picky.

Does anyone else have cold fingers? How do you warm them up before touching yourself? Armpits? Thighs? Jumping jacks? Hot cup of tea? On second thought, I don’t want to know.

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