Thursday 7 January 2016

Fly Like Superman

There are some videos and entries on Facebook that seem to make the rounds year after year. Well, for the past twelve years since before 2004 there was no such thing. It is hard to believe that we have only had facebook for such a short time. Can you imagine the crap we will be wasting our time on in twenty years?

I like that some jokes keep coming back and I certainly like that many Christmas related things keep returning. Today someone sent me the video of David Blaine visiting Harrison Ford’s house and doing a trick in his kitchen. 

Freaky stuff!

I know that there is a trick to it and if someone explained it to me then I could make sense of it. Well, maybe not. Certain tricks I can kind of figure out a way to do it, but not this one. I am just going to say there be magic involved…real magic!
I do believe in magic, I believe it happens every day but our modern minds either refuse to see it or we simply attribute it to technology. There is a belief that if your mind can’t understand it or has no base to understand something, then you just don’t/can’t see it. That might explain some of the “magic” tricks I have seen. Personally, I don’t want to know how a trick is done. I see someone wave a wand, cause smoke to billow up from the floor or fan a deck of cards in front of me, and then I know that magic can’t be far away.

Yesterday I saw a photograph of two galaxies that were colliding 230 million light years away from earth. Tell me that isn’t magic! It is such an incomprehensibly large distance to me. I found the drive from here to Toronto and back was far too long and that was 1/44th of a light second. There is magic happening all around us, we are now calling it technology, but magic it is.

Arthur C. Clark is famous for his sci-fi writing and also this quote. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." When I walk into a room and turn the lights on just flipping a switch or press a button in my car and the garage door lifts all by itself; that is magic. When I can talk to my daughter in Toronto and see her image on a flat piece of glass; that is magic. When I can take a small rectangle out of my pocket and connect with the world wide web; that is magic. My friend had a knee replaced this year and is now walking without pain; that is magic. My uncle was crippled by Polio and now thanks to Jonas Salk people don’t even know what it is; that is magic.

We live in a world of magic and I can hardly wait until I can fly like superman.

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