Sunday 3 January 2016

2015 Christmas Fiasco

One of the challenges with writing a daily…ish blog is that after two or three years topics don’t come as readily as they once did. I suppose that is something that should have been expected.

It isn’t that I don’t have stupid opinions any longer, it is just that I have voiced those opinions ten, twelve or thirty times already. Now, I can’t get enough of me and it appears that lately there is one guy in Russia and another guy in the Ukraine that are going through all 1666 blogs, fifty or sixty a day. I kind of hope its Vladimir Putin or whoever happens to be the Ukrainian President this week. It would be really nice to get an all expense trip to Russia. The Ukraine would be nice too.

I’m also going through a little emotional turmoil wondering if I should have or could have or might have. The fact is, I did what I did and nothing can alter that. Well, maybe if someone invents a time machine, but really, I would be investing in Apple, Facebook and buying tickets to Woodstock, not trying to fix my interpersonal relationships. I behaved the way that was right and proper at that time and place.

I don’t think I would go to Woodstock either. It looks like fun in the movie, but unless you were helicoptered in to the site is would have been horrible. I went to a similar concert at Watkins Glen in 1973 and it was a memory I wish had never happened. In some ways large groupings of humans bring out the best and the worst, more worst that best in my opinion.

Speaking about the worst; I received a pair of slippers for Christmas which is what I asked for and pretty much all that I wanted. I have been wearing the same style of slipper for about twenty five years. The first pair of MEC “camp shoes” lasted about fifteen years and I found a second pair ten years in on the MEC bargain table one day. It turns out that they were two left slippers, but since they were more sock than slipper, they worked well enough. This year I felt that I had matured enough to get “big boy” slippers, kind of a cross between loafers and moccasins.

I put them on as soon as they were unwrapped and have worn them ever since. It has been about nine days and I returned them today because they were falling apart. The seams just split. Thankfully, I still have my two left foot slippers to fall back on. Now I have to search far and wide for an inexpensive, extremely well constructed pair of slippers. It may just take five years or so.

I know what you are going to say, but MEC just doesn’t carry the camp shoes any longer. I am patient and have a positive mental attitude when it comes to footwear. More or less. Well, less than more after the 2015 Christmas fiasco.

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