Friday 29 January 2016

A Waiting Day

This has been a day of waiting…I hate waiting!

I thought that I would take my car to one of those wand wash places and get rid of most of the dirt and grim that has accumulated. It is going to snow in a day or two, but at least it will start with fresh dirt and grime. I have my favourite place of course and for two dollars it generally gives me enough time to spray soap all over the car, rinse it off and if I am really quick, maybe ten or twenty seconds of spray on wax. I really just want to get the worst off.

I figured that at ten in the morning, most clean car nuts would be hard at work earning enough money to get that spring detailing in a couple of months. Not so! All the bays were busy, so I just had to pick one that would be quick to finish. I don’t know what that idiot in the bay was doing to his car, but other cars that had come after me pulled in and then out. I thought about moving to another bay, but how long can this guy wash his car for? Seventeen minutes, and he was at it when I pulled up. It is my fervent desire that someone in a big pickup coated with mud drives in front of this guy for at least seventeen minutes. I was in and out in a couple of minutes. That’s how you do it!

I figured I earned a coffee and since I had a free coffee coming to me from McDonalds, I drove my clean and waxed car over there. I was feeling good and held the door for a lady, what the hell…ladies first. She held the inner door for me. What the hell, old farts first. I walked in and saw that there were two kiosks inside where you could order and pay for your food. The kiosks were like the ones at the airport baggage check ins. These were new to me.

I’m sure the kiosks are a wonderful idea, but you still need staff to prepare and serve the food. This particular McD’s was understaffed and that poor woman was filling a large order. I counted about ten coffees, and a few bags of muffins. The guy ordering and selecting the muffins was a Hutterite guy and a couple of Hutterite women were standing demurely at the side waiting for their coffee. I thought they made all of their own food. I didn’t think they would drink coffee. I sure as hell didn’t think I would have to wait ten minutes in a McDonalds for the Hutterite nation to coffee up!

Oh well, it would be worse, and it was. I stopped at the NOFRILLS store to pick up a pepper for supper tonight and yes, you guessed it, I had to line up. I don’t blame the store, they had all tills open and they are generally pretty good about moving the people in a timely fashion. What I don’t understand is what all of these people were doing shopping in the middle of the day when I wanted to shop.

I left the store finally and checked to see if there was a Hutterite van idling in the lot smelling like coffee or an overly clean piece of shit Toyota dripping water. It was clear sailing to get back home.

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