Friday 15 January 2016

He Is On My Side

I am getting older and with age comes wisdom. Well, I am told wisdom comes to some people. I must have been out when they were making the wisdom deliveries because all that age has brought to me is a body that seems to be degrading on a daily basis. My mind hasn’t been doing too well either. To be fair, my mind was never that strong.
I have tinnitus which is an eternal buzzing in my ears. There is something else in my right ear, but the ear doctors couldn’t quantify it so I guess I just don’t have a problem. It is said that Joan of Arc suffered from tinnitus and those that don’t believe God whispered in her ear will tell you that she had a bad case of tinnitus. I don’t want God to guide me in leading a holy army, but it would be nice if He would guide me when I am buying lotto tickets.
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Last night, Louise and I were watching TV when I heard a beep. Sometimes TV sound tracks have odd little noises so I didn’t pay much attention to it. It happened again and again. I kept an eye on Louise to see if she heard the beep, but nothing. Eventually, I asked her if she heard a beep and she said that she hadn’t. I heard another beep and Louise said that she heard it this time too. I got up and stood under the smoke alarm at the back of the hall for a few minutes watching it to see if it was up to anything funny, but no beep. I went downstairs and spent a few minutes under each one of the alarms in the basement, but they seemed to have finished beeping for the night, if it were indeed them at all.
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We were beep free all day today and I had moved on to watching the chandelier in the front hall just in case it decided to spontaneously burst into flames. It shouldn’t, but I have a policy of never trusting something that has a French name for no apparent reason. As far as I can tell, there is no English translation for chandelier which seems odd to me. Surely, some long ago British noble had a version of hanging lights in their foyer. Yes, another French word that is taking over for front hall. We English speakers should be vigilant.

I heard the beep again tonight while watching TV. This time so did Louise. I went and stared at the smoke detectors again, but nothing. While I was in the basement staring at the smoke detector I started to wonder if instead of a battery problem, could be possible that we had an animal problem. Do mice beep? Do squirrels? Rats!!!??? Please God, no rats! Just as I was about to run upstairs screaming like a little girl, the smoke detector beeped.
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Thank God! I was saved from an infestation of rats by a dead battery. There is a God and it appears that He is on my side.
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